As there exists a very wide range of various “types of capacitors” in the market and every single type of capacitor has its unique function and properties, we need to know which capacitor is suitable for which type of requirements.

We had already discussed in our earlier post that The selection of a suitable capacitor provides a significance impact of the functioning of a circuit. It can be understood that the whole circuit may function improperly if a suitable capacitor is not positioned.

The various types of capacitors are normally classified in accordance with the dielectric sandwiched between the capacitor plates. For example – Commercial Capacitors use dielectric consisting mylar or papers treated with paraffin. Whereas, small capacitor are prefers dielectric consisting ceramic materials.

Though it is not possible to cover all types of capacitors in a single post, yet we are trying to cover most common and important types of capacitors in this post.

The various types of capacitors are :

Type of Capacitors



Ceramic Capacitor

These types of capacitors are used normally in various functions such as audio,RF etc. They range from a few picofarad to somewhere around 1/2µF. They have low cost, small in size and are very reliable. They use ceramic as a dielectric material. They are non polarized and are mostly used as a decoupling or bypass capacitors.
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 Type of capacitors - Ceramic1

Electrolytic Capacitor

These types of capacitors are mostly a polarized capacitor. By polarized, we mean to say that they should be connected to a dc source keeping in mind their polarity. Or else, a wrong connection may damage it permanently. They are used where a high capacitance is required. They broadly range from a few µF to even 1000 µF. They consist of a electrochemically developed oxide layer as dielectric material.
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 Type of capacitors -Electrolytic1
Tantalum Capacitor

These types of capacitors are also a polarized capacitor. They are available in both wet and solid electrolyte form. However, the solid tantalum capacitor is more widely used if compared to wet tantalum. They offer a very high capacitance as compared to their size. They range from 47 nF to 470 µF. They are used in functions where the value of AC voltage is less as compared to DC Voltage. They are very sensitive to reverse biasing, high ripple currents as well as voltage above its working limit.

 Type of capacitors -Tantalum

Silver Mica Capacitor

These type of capacitors are not so popular in current type. However, If space is not a concern, then they are one of the best choices when stability and accuracy is required. Their range limit is below 1000pF.

 Type of capacitors -silver mica1

Polystyrene Film Capacitor

These type of capacitors are tubular in shape and contains the dielectric film in a rolled form. They are very cheap and provide a close tolerance limit.

 Type of capacitors - Polystyrene film1