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What is RS 232 ?

RS 232 stands for Recommended standard number 232. RS-232 ,as an interface, has been a standard from many years for interconnecting a Data Circuit Terminating Equipment (DCE) with a Data Terminal Equipment (DTE). Various forms of RS 232 interface are available in the market. However, being different in design and configuration, they are easy in conversion to other forms. Examples of this interface are RS 232 ‘C’, RS 232 ‘D’ , RS 232 V.10, RS 232 V.28.

If we go back in old times somewhere around 1960s, Data communication was that time appreciated as digital transaction of data between two nodes without involvement of any computer or between a mainframe computer and a remote node. That time these equipments were interconnected by means of telephone lines. It was therefore, at that time, the necessity of a intermediary DCE was must for signal translation. In that case, the likely chances for the corruption of data were very high. That’s the reson, it was decided that develop an interface standard which may be reliable and can provide a same design policy for different manufacturers. With these logics, the EIA (Electronic Industries Association) finally gave birth to RS-232 standard in the beginning of 1960s.


RS 232 -1

RS 232-2

It will not be unworthy to say that RS-232 is among the few standards which are most successful and extensively used in interface history. Despite new advancements in interface technology, it is still not obsolete. Moreover, it is still preferred in many places for serial data communication. Many equipments are using this standard for interfacing in which data is required to be sent through a comparatively simple cable layout.

This standard is being used for many application where sending data over a relatively straightforward set of cables are required. The physical configuration of this interface standard (which is used for serial communication of serial data) is very simple. Furthermore, its construction is also not so much complicated. Despite having so much simplicity, it offers a very large range of capability. This is the main their simple in configuration and construction and still offers a high level of capability. This is the property which has rendered the long existence of this RS 232 standard in past and it will remain to exist in the future ahead.

RS 232 female  The initial development of RS 232 was with 25 pin connector.

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