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Shock Pulse Tester

A Shock-pulse-tester is a very useful test equipment for determining the bearing’s inner state, especially when it is not possible to open it. Here, we will talk about T/2000 series type of Shock-pulse-tester. It is multifunctional and can be used as Shock-pulse-tester, Vibration-meter and as a Tachometer as well.

This test-equipment is broadly utilised for checking the mechanical status of rotating-machines so that the machine’s health can be analysed without physically opening it and PPM (Planned preventive maintenance) can be drafted and carried out as well.

As I had told earlier, This equipment is multi-functional and can be used by the maintainer for monitoring many important characteristics of a rotating-machine like :

(a)    The machine’s physical health ( like excessive vibration, looseness of machine’s body parts, presence of mis-alignment, misbalance of structure etc)

(b)   The bearing’s inner state (presence of cracks, lack of greasing, damaged balls of Roller ball bearings etc)

Shock pulse tester T 2000

Purpose of Shock Pulse Tester:

  1. To check the condition of bearings.
  2. To carry out broad band velocity checks as per ISO guidelines.

Switching On/Off:  

The SPM in Shock Pulse Tester is switched on by pressing any of the five function keys. Power down is automatic after 30 seconds after a function key has been last pressed. If the instrument fails to power down within one minute, press master reset key.


When the SPM is switched off, the last reading is remembered (dBm, dBc, dBi, RPM setting). The changing instrument settings after pressing the SET key will not change the last reading or move the arrow. Pressing the “M” key in any of the three measuring mode will initiate new measurement in that mode.

Functions of keys of shock pulse tester T 2000

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