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Spring as Energy Storage Device – Equation, uses and Disadvantages

We use Spring as Energy Storage Device since ages. Spring Energy Storage Equation, its uses as well as Disadvantages are discussed in this post.

A spring can store energy and there are many examples of it in our day to day life. Some of the most common examples of it are Toys and Mechanical watch.

How do Springs Store Energy

Energy can be stored in a Spring by winding it up in a clock-work device. When the winded spring is released in a controlled manner, it can be used for driving a dynamo which in turn generates electricity on rotation.  However, one has to keep it in mind that it is appropriate only for low power application and for a limited duration. This limited duration may however be increased by use of suitable gears.

Spring as Energy Storage Device

Fig. 1 – Spring as Energy Storage Device

You might have heard about Trevor Baylis radio. Just for the fact, it was a wind up radio in which the clock-work spring was being used for producing 03 volts with power rating of 55 mili watt. In that radio, the winded spring of 20 sec discharge time was able to support 40 minutes of operation by extending the effect with the help of gears.

Trevor Baylis radio

Fig. 2 – Trevor Baylis radio

Spring Energy Storage equation

The storage of energy in a linear type spring can be calculated as: –

E = ½ Kx2


  • K stands for Spring constant, and
  • x stands for the spring extension

* Note : Spring constant is defined as the amount of force required per unit extension of the spring

Various Uses of Springs as energy storage device

  • It is used in toys like small cars, beating drum, walking/jumping animals etc.
  • It is used in mechanical watches.
  • It is used in clockwork spring powered radio systems for generating power.
  • It is used to rotate dynamo which in turn produces electrical energy.
  • It is used in door locks.
  • It is used in small hand generators.

Disadvantages of Spring as energy storage device

  • fast discharge
  • irregular release of spring
  • the ratio of energy produced to the energy applied is less.
  • Needs a bulky system to produce a decent amount of energy.
  • Cannot be used on mass scale.
  • Needs more periodic maintenance.

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