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Disadvantages of Wireless Charging of Mobile Phones and Smart Gadgets

Though having many advantages of Wireless Charging for Smart Gadgets like Mobile Phones, it has its own disadvantages too. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Disadvantages of Wireless Charging of Mobile Phones

As we know, technology wise, nothing is perfect and long lasting in today’s world. Same goes with Wireless Charging Technology too. Its has its own Pros and Cons. In our earlier posts, we tried to understand “What is wireless charging ” as well as the “Wireless Charging advantages“.  Now its time to discuss the various advantages associated with it. The various disadvantages linked to Wireless charging are: –

Lower efficiency than a conventional Charger

One of the main reason behind unsuccessful integration of  Wireless Charging on large scale till to date is that it has low efficiency than a conventional charger. This in turn leads to slow charging of the gadget/devices. This one is certainly the biggest Wireless charging disadvantage. However, It has to be kept in mind that this technology is still new and has been improving on exponential scale.  And, I certainly has no doubt that this will make a big impact on our life in coming future.

Note : Here we are comparing wireless technologies within common people’s reach. There are few wireless technologies which are too fast, but due to cost implications involved, we have discarded them from our list.

Wireless Charging Coil

Wireless does not mean that you can charge your devices from anywhere

Just because it only needs wireless signal transmission between your smart gadget and the charging pod for charging your device, You should not think that you can charge your devices on the go. The charging pod (Transmitter) still needs to be connected to a power source and so can not be moved everywhere. At present, hardly few devices support portable battery, and that too has some energy limitations. In short, you can say that long distance charging facility is still unavailable.

Heat Loss

The resistive heat generation is more in Wireless Charging if compared with the conventional charging method. This increases power loss in Wireless charging too.

‘No Device Support’ for Old gadgets

As the technology is still to be implemented on large scale, only a handful of devices support wireless charging. You must have seen Qi logo on some phones. This is one of the wireless technology supported by most of the new devices comes with wireless charging facility. For more details, read “What is Wireless Charging“.

Keep following us. In our next posts, We will teach you how to make your old gadgets charging wirelessly.

Ratna is a B.E (Computer Science) and has work experience in UK Mainframe IT industry. She is also an active Web Designer. She is an author, editor and core partner at Electricalfundablog.


  1. Agreed that wireless charging is less efficient than wired one. The best available wireless charger has efficiency of 70%, while wired chargers can easily reach above 90%. But, that does not mean wireless charging is slower. There is no reason. Speed depends on how much total charge your battery needs, and what is the charging current. Q= IT. Wireless charger supports that current. The only difference is that it draws more current from input to support that current. Even if you find your cell phone is charged slowly with wireless as compared to wired. The culprit is not the wireless technology. But the wirelessv charging section of the cell phone which might be designed with current limit for safety reasons.

    • Dear Harry, What i wanted to say here that for a given input, the wireless charger will charge slowly in comparison to wired charger. You are right that It can provide high charging current too (for boost charge). However, I do not recommend boost charge other than in urgency. Kindly correct me if I am wrong. I am very happy that I have got such a professional critic on my side.



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