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Advantages of Wireless Charging of Mobile Phones and Smart Gadgets

Wireless Charging has been very useful for Smart Gadgets like Mobile Phones. In this post we will discuss about various advantages associated with it.

Advantages of Wireless Charging of Mobile Phones

In our previous post, we discussed about Wireless Charging and How it works in Cellphone. Let us move ahead to understand the advantages of Wireless charging of smart gadgets such as mobile phones, smart watches etc. The various advantages of Wireless Charging are: –

It is cost effective

Though the initial installation cost may seem costly affair to you, yet in the long run a wireless charging is always cost effective. The maintenance cost is almost negligible as there is no wear/tear of cable, jacks and plugs. In addition, you should also consider that while installation the cable cost is also minimized and the end connectors are not required any more.

It is more safer than conventional charging

As there is less cabling involved, and that too need not to be in open space, the chances of common electrical hazards like low insulation, cable wear and tear or cable cut, sparks e.t.c are very low. Hence, it can be said that the absence of open cabling reduces the chances of electrical accidents.

Easy integration

One of the best wireless charging advantage technology is that It can be integrated with any shape or size of a  device. Though, it was a far sight few years before, thanks to the current developments in wireless charging technology, a wireless charging receivers are available in even the size of a small coin.

freedom of space in wireless charger

Fig. 1 – Size Comparison of Wireless Receivers

This upgradation of technology has enabled Wireless charging to be applied in very small electrical appliances like smart watches, hearing-aids, mini speakers(wireless) as well as your cell phones.

It is more reliable

As there is no wear/tear of cable, jacks and plugs, the chances of defects are very less.

It requires less space

Mess of Charging Cables

Fig. 2 – Mess Of Charging Cables

As almost no cabling is required, cable clutters are not present. This in turn provide you more space and electrical hygiene.

Faster to connect and disconnect

It is faster to connect and disconnect our cell phone from charging as you only have to place/lift your phone on/from the charging pod. No need to connect jacks or plugs.

Multiple devices can be charged simultaneously


Charging of Multiple Devices through Wireless Charging

Fig. 3 – Future of Wireless Charging – Multiple Device Connectivity

Everybody in this modern world has various gadgets/devices which require daily charging. Now, the question is that how they can be charged altogether with minimum mess? That is the place where the wireless charging station keeps its stronghold.  A wireless charging station which supports multiple devices can contain all our devices/gadgets charging them simultaneously. Just think, how many chargers and their cable mess you can avoid. In coming future, the multiple device charging station will sure be a necessity for all of us.

Devices can be charged even in sealed status

It provides a way to charge devices that needs to be in sterilized condition or hermetically preserved without opening their seal.

We hope, you are now familiar with “Wireless charging advantage”. In our next post, we will try to understand :

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