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In our earlier posts, we introduced you to a modern technology i.e Pico projector and the various technologies involved with it. My thanks to you all for showing your interest in the last post. Now, in this post we will concentrate on the various “Types of Pico projector” .

On the basis of their uses and service provided, we can categorise all Pico projectors into four main groups. They are as follows :

  • Stand Alone Pico Projector :

stand alone pico projector image

These types of Pico projector need an i/p through a wire (for example – an Audio / Video cable or a Universal serial Bus cable. They do not have their own video-signal and need it to be provided from an external medium.

  • USB Pico Projector :

USB Pico projector

These types of Pico projectors are also like Stand alone pico projector but the differentiates themselves by the fact that they need an USB cable for both the power supply and the video signal (which may be provided by a Laptop/computer/tablet) . They do not have battery inside. They are also one of the tiniest of their projector family.

  • Media Player Pico projector :

Media player pico projector image

These types of Pico projectors have an inbuilt memory or a memory card slot). They do not need any external power supply source or even a video signal and can straight away display the media-files (or even a document) stored in the memory card. Convenience wise these Pico projectors are very helpful, however, they supports a limited media formats. The software required are also limited and hence we are not placing it in our favourites.

  • Embedded-type Pico projector :

Embedded Pico Projector image

They are the tiniest of all the Pico projectors. As the name suggests, these types of Pico projectors are rooted inside a hand held device like a cell phone/Camera/Tablet/Laptop etc.

We have seen companies like “Spice” and “Samsung” to use this technology for a Projector Phone. These were not so powerful that time, but in coming days, many companies are going to launch the projector phones which are very powerful and have low cost too. Just wait and watch. Be ready to grab one for you, too.

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