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Windows shortcuts and tricks – Part 2

Welcome back friends. In our previous post we learned about How to Open taskbar programs directly using our keyboard as well as Starting a new program instance in no time. Now, lets make our way ahead to further unveiling of windows shortcuts and tricks.

Secret 3: Improvise the facilities of “Send to” tool

Normally, when we select a file/folder followed by right click of mouse and selection of “Send to” button, We get an option to move our selected file/folder to few locations like hard disk partitions and a limited bunch of other places. However, these are not the only places where we can move our files from the “send to” tool. This is just trailer of a complete movie my friend.

            Try this. Hold the “Shift button”, right click the required file/folder and select “Send to”.

Improvise the facilities of "Send to" tool

OMG. What you see is true. You have now got cascade list of various folders. Amazing….. Isnt it??

 Secret 4: Modifying / Adding folders in “Send to” menu

Well…, If you still find that the menu which this send menu is showing is not able to give you easy access to your desired folder, you do not have to worry. Here is the remedy for it.

First of all create a shortcut of your folder to the desktop. If you do not know how to create a shortcut, I am mentioning it too for your convenience.

Procedure of making a shortcut:

 (1)       Select the folder. Right click on it.

(2)       Select “Send to”. (A new cascade menu will appear)

(3)       Select Desktop (create shortcut)

Modifying / Adding folders in "Send to" menu

Your folder shortcut is ready now and is placed at desktop.
Now, Open the Window explorer. (Its not the internet explorer)
Type “Shell:sendto” in address bar. Press “Enter“. A new window will open which contains the various choices of “Send to” menu.

Modifying / Adding folders in "Send to" menu - 2

Just drag the shortcuts made in the desktop to the window and drop it. You can do cut/paste also.
Your modified “Send to” choices are available in the menu now.

Keep enjoying. Will come soon with many more such windows shortcuts and tricks.

Ratna is a B.E (Computer Science) and has work experience in UK Mainframe IT industry. She is also an active Web Designer. She is an author, editor and core partner at Electricalfundablog.


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