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Advantage of Hybrid Switchgear

Hybrid Switchgear 2
Hybrid Switchgear

Advantages of Hybrid Switchgear :

  • Space Saving : As the number of functions are integrated, the distance between components reduces practically to  zero. For the AIS, as we have to maintain the clearances between individual equipments like CB, CT, disconnectors, ground switch etc., the requirement of site space is more. However, in the case of hybrid switchgear, the site space is decreased as CB, CT, disconnector and ground switch components are integrated in a single enclosure. Below mentioned figure will give you a rough comparative idea about the area requirement for the AIS and hybrid switchgear. By the decrement in area requirement, one can house more similar inlets in the same space.
Hybrid switch gear and AIS
Substation lay out with conventional AIS (to the left) and hybrid switch gear (to the right)
  • Substation modularization: A substation can be modularized in this way. This modularized substation method provides time saving as well as cost saving also at the time of designing the layout and construction of the substation. Furthermore, the use of standard components decreases the chances of design faults.

  • High reliability : AIS components need comparatively a high standard of  preservation and maintenance. However, In case of GIS, its components do not need a lot of maintenance and upkeep. The interfacing of AIS with GIS (Hybrid switchgear technology) provides almost a maintenance free tag to Hybrid switch gear.
  • Limited switching components:   The utilization of new GIS technology offers limited number of switching components.
  • Electronic Monitoring : The integrated nature of the plant facilitates the use of electronic monitoring.
  • disconnector and grounding switch combined: The Pass MO circuit breaker contains the disconnector and grounding switch combined altogether. It has a very less quantity of mechanical parts. This makes it free from maintenance (almost) and increases its reliability.
  • Easy to Install :  The equipment stands on a single foundation. This makes it possible to set it up at the site in quick time very easily with no (almost)  installation error.

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