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Advantages and Applications of 4G Phone Network Technology

With introduction of 4G Phone Network technology, there’s quite a buzz about it now a days. This post will discuss its advantages & applications in brief.

In fact one of the leading Telecom giant ‘Airtel” has trended its market with the maiden introduction of this technology in the country. As told in my earlier posts, many more telecom industries has also come with this technology and influencing the users. But the question is “Is this the right time to go for 4G”. As this country is still adapting to 4G Technology, specially remote areas, People are in dilemma whether to go for it or wait for some more time.  Do not worry as we have digged in on various advantages of 4G and shall be discussing this only in this post.

Advantages and Applications of 4G Technology

Here are the advantages / applications which make 4G technology a better choice.

Latest Technology

Well…if u are a technology lover and want to put your hand on every latest technology, then you do not need any reasons. This technology is certainly the latest one and will be ahead in the race of data networks for some years. Furthermore, the technology being used for 4G is just the beginning. There will be more developments in coming years.3G Vs 4G - video streaming on both networks

If you are a regular web surfer and likes to see online videos (video streaming), then you will fall in love with 4G. Till to date, this is the best technology ever in the mobile networks to access the video streaming without any interruption of buffering. In addition, if you access data from your laptop with the mobile network, then it is far better than your data dongles (like Tata Photon, Reliance, MTS etc).

Faster speed

data Speed always matters

Most of us do not like the waiting time which a 2G/3G network takes for opening a desired page /video over the web. We all are busy persons and want the information on a click. If you are also suffering from the same issue, then you should not wait any more. Enjoy the 4G technology with superfast data speed of approx 10 times of the 3G.

Comparison between 3G and 4G services

Declination of 3G services

If you are a 3G user and bored of the sluggish data access, then, no doubt, this 4G is a sure shot refreshment for you. 3G is already an out-dated technology and in coming years it will be obsolete as well. So it is better to migrate to 4G now because sooner or later we have to move ahead leaving behind 2G/3G technology.

Enjoy 4G in price of 3G

4G in same price of 3G

The rates of 4G and 3G provided by the Telecom networks are the same. At present, due to introduction of ‘Jio’ by Reliance, the rates of data charges are falling sharply.  The users now have a lot of choices due to market competition. So why to adjust with 3G if you can get 4G at the same price.

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