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Disadvantages of 4G Phone Network Technology Applications

Each Phone Network Technology applications has its advantages / disadvantages. Likewise, 4G has its disadvantages too. This post will discuss them in detail.

These days the evolution of technology is happening at a considerable speedy rate. Today’s purchased technology has no guarantee that it will remain latest till next week. Just few years back only we got our hand on 3G technology. It was the best and fastest data network that a smartphone could had.

We were still in learning stage for 3G and now 4G has appeared all of sudden. We had just purchased our 3G phone few years back and now it seems outdated to us as it does not support 4G. We are still in dilemma that we should stick to 3G only or should move to 4G. But you do not have to stress too much for that now as we are going to discuss the disadvantages of 4G over 3G in this post.

Disadvantages of 4G Phone Network Technology and its Applications

Here are the five reasons for you to not move for this technology right now and stick to 3G network only:

Limited Use of Internet and Smartphone

If you are not very fond of using internet or mostly use the phone for voice calling, then it is better to leave 4G. I will say that you do not need 3G also. It is better to buy a simple phone instead. It will save your money as well as your phone’s battery life too.

Battery Consumption

Battery Draining issue while using 4G

As the speed of 4G is claimed to be 10 times faster than 3G network, it drains your battery more faster too. If you need your phone more often and want the battery life, then avoid the use of 4G.

Limited 4G network towers

Lesser number of signal towers for 4GThe technology is very new in India. This technology needs specific towers for a good network range. As the fitment of new network towers will take some time, you will certainly face the missing 4G network issue during your movement from one place to another. This will in turn again slow down your data speed. In addition, it will suck your battery life even faster for searching the network. So, it is better to stick to 3G, at least for some time.

Cost of Phone

As your old 3G phone will not support 4G technology, so you can not use it even if you have a 4G Sim card. You have to purchase a 4G supported smart phone to receive 4G network. This will add extra financial burden on you as the 4G enabled smartphone are quite costly.

Higher data consumption

As the data speed is very fast, it is easier to consume a big amount of data in a quick time. So you have to keep a close look out on your data limits according to your data plan. Or else, you will loose a big part of your main balance in no time.

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