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Cent Symbol – How to Type, Cent Sign Shortcut (Alt Code) Windows, Apple

Cent is a monetary unit represented by Cent Sign or Cent Symbol ¢. It is placed after a number to indicate that the number represents Cents. This post will discuss in detail what is Cent, how to type Cent Symbol on computer, Shortcuts (Alt Codes), Cent Sign using Microsoft Word, Excel and Mac OS.

What is Cent

Cent is a monetary unit of currency which is equal to one-hundredth of the main unit of currency in many countries i.e. 100 Cents = 1 Dollar. It is represented by the symbol ¢. It is derived from a Latin word “Centum” which means Hundred.

Introduction to Cent Symbol

Fig. 1 – Introduction to Cent Symbol

In the United States, one Cent also means Penny. Apart from U.S., this symbol is also used in many other national currencies. The Cent Symbol looks different depending on the font you select. Fig. 2 shows Cent Sign using different Fonts.

Cent Symbols Using Different Fonts

Fig. 2 – Cent Sign using Different Fonts

Using ALT Codes to Type Cent Symbol

To type Cent Symbol on your personal computers using Microsoft Windows OS, you can use ALT Codes. Holding down ALT key on the keyboard and typing numbers is referred as ALT Codes.

  • Windows ALT Code for Cent Sign is ALT 155 or ALT 0162.
  • Alternatively, you can use ALT 65504 for Full width Cent Sign.

How to Type Cent Symbol in MS Word

You can type this symbol by clicking on ‘Insert’ tab and select ‘Symbol’ and choose ‘Latin -1 Supplement from Subset dropdown, where it displays different symbols for easy and quick insertion as shown in the Fig. 3.

Cent Sign in Word

Fig. 3 – Cents Sign in MS Word

Cent Symbol in Microsoft Excel

To type the symbol in Microsoft Excel, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on INSERT tab.
  • Select Symbols.
  • Select Currency Symbols from Subset dropdown box.
  • Scroll down to find Cent Symbol and click on insert.
  • Alternatively, you can use Alt Code 0162 to insert the symbol.

Cent in Excel

Fig. 4 – Cent Symbol in Microsoft Excel

How to use Character Map for Typing Cent Sign

Character Map utility can be found on Microsoft Windows. To access Windows Character Map utility, click on Search option on the taskbar and enter ‘Character Map’ and hit ‘Enter’ key on Keyboard. You will see a pop up which shows different symbols.

You can select different Fonts and scroll to find Cent Sign. Click on the Sign or Symbol and click on Select button on the Pop-up screen. Click on the ‘Copy’ button which is next to the Select button. This makes a copy on the Clip board and you can use Paste option or ‘Ctrl V’ on any program to get the Cent Symbol.

Character Map

Fig. 5 – Character Map Utility on Windows OS

How to Type Cent Symbol on Apple Mac OS (macOS)

It can be done using shortcut key on macOS. Simply hold down the ‘Option’ key on the keyboard and press number ‘4’. Alternatively, you can use Apple’s built-in Character Viewer utility which was formerly called as Character Palette.

  • Open ‘Systems Preferences’ under Apple menu list.
  • Click on the Keyboard option.
  • Check the option ‘Show Keyboard and Character Viewer’ in menu bar at the bottom of the window.
  • Open the Utility and browse the categories for Cent Sign.
  • Highlight the character you wish to insert and double click on the document on which you wish to insert the symbol.

Character Viewer Utility

Fig. 6 – Character Viewer Utility on Mac OS

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Laxmi Ashrit
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