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Strikethrough Text – Why / How to Strike Through Text | Strikeout Generator

A way of highlighting text by drawing a line through the text is called as Strikethrough or Strikeout Text. This post will discuss in detail the meaning of Strikethrough Text, why should you use, How to Strikeout Text using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Strikethrough Text Generator tool, and its applications.

What is Strikethrough Text

Strikethrough Text is frequently utilized to signal a revision or edit, in which you would like to leave the first text for the interest of transparency or complete disclosure. This font design may also be employed to strike-out mistakes, to be ironical, or even to cross off things in a to-do list.

It is also called as Strikeout Text or Cross-out Text and is simply a line through the text which informs the reader that the text is ought to be removed or no longer valid and at the same time grabs the attention of the reader.

How to Strikethrough Text

Fig. 1 – Introduction to Strikeout Text

Why should I use Strikeout Text

Strikeout Text should have the purpose, especially to demonstrate the erasure of mistakes or deletions of text in a written context. Whenever there’s a writing mistake or when you want to change your opinion on social media, it becomes necessary to use the Strikeout Text which indicates that the text is wrong or not valid and has to be deleted or re-edited.

This hint makes it much easier to look at the outcomes of this writing whether there’s an error in writing or change in the writer’s perspective etc. The best example of this option is on advertisement of products where the advertisers use pricing psychology to attract shoppers. The easiest way to achieve this is using Strikeout Text option.

Pricing strikethrough

Fig. 2 – Strikeout Option on Advertisements

How to Strikethrough Text 

Strikeout Text can be implemented in 3 ways:

  • Strikeout Text using Microsoft Word
  • Strikeout Text using Microsoft Excel
  • Strikeout Text using Strikethrough Text Generator

How to Strikeout Text Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word offers 3 types of Strikethrough Text Formatting. They are:

  • Strikethrough text
  • Double Strikethrough Text
  • Creating Self Strikethrough text

Strikethrough Text

Single horizontal line appears on the selected text. Follow the below mentioned steps if you wish to cross out a text:

  • Select the text which needs Strikethrough Text formatting.
  • Click on the “Home” menu.
  • Find the “Strikethrough” icon in the Font group and click on it.
  • Strikethrough effect on the selected text is visible in no time.

(a) Strikethrough (b) Double Strikethrough

Fig. 3 – Strikeout Option using Word

Double Strikethrough Text

As the name suggests, it uses two horizontal lines on the selected text instead of one. Follow these steps to Double Strike your text.

  • Click on the ‘Home’ menu.
  • In the ‘Font’ section you will find a button at the extreme right corner. Click on that button.
  • Tick the “Double Strikethrough” check box and click ‘OK’.

Creating Self Strike Through Text

Follow the below steps to create Strikethrough text using “Line” option.

  • Choose the text you want to strike out.
  • Click on the ‘Insert’ menu and select ‘Shapes’ icon.
  • Drop down menu comes up and select first line in ‘Lines’ Section.

Create Strike through using Line

Fig. 4 – Create Strike through using Line

  • The cursor is then pointed at the selected text.
  • The mouse is dragged across the text that needs a strike out while holding down “Shift” key.

How to Strikeout Text Using Microsoft Excel

  • In the Excel file, select the Cell range.
  • Right click and click on ‘Format Cells”.


Fig. 5 – Strike through using Excel

  • The Dialogue Box appears with different Tabs.
  • Click on Font Tab and under the section “Effects”, you can see Strikethrough option.
  • Tick the Checkbox and click on “OK” button. Result is as shown in the Fig. 5.

Excel 2

Fig. 6 – End Result of Strikeout Text in Excel

How to Strike Through Text Generator

It is an online tool which converts the plain text to various text styles including Strike through, Underline, dotted line, wave line etc. This is very helpful for Social media users. Users can directly copy the generated text and paste it on any social media platform.

Strike Through Text Generator Tool

Fig. 7 – Strike Through Text Generator Tool

Applications of Strike Through Text

The applications include:

  • For Instance, Strike through Text is frequently helpful for crossing out Costs or features in advertised services or products. This text deletion, functions to explain to clients about the initial cost and the discounted cost.
  • For content authors, Strikeout Text is helpful for showing the best so that the reader may see the difference clearly.
  • Not Just for advertisers and articles authors, many areas need Strikethrough texts for a variety of needs especially for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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