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Windows operating system is vast and contains a lot of flexibility. In spite of using it on daily basis, almost 99% of people never use its many handy and powerful features ever in their entire life. A windows operating system has many secrets hidden behind its Alt, Ctrl, Tab and Start buttons. So, Let us start uncovering the windows shortcuts and tricks layer by layer.

Secret 1: Open taskbar programs directly using our keyboard

Almost everyone use the taskbar at the bottom of the screen to quickly open programs pinned on it. If we have to open the program, we simply click them. But for keyboard lovers, its still painful as they need to hold the mouse again. Instead of this, there is one another way to quickly start the required taskbar program, and is comparatively more faster than the regular clicking way.

If you give a look on your taskbar, there is a series of quick launch program buttons to the right of the ‘Start’ button. Each of these programs are by default given a numeric shortcut. The 1st program button at the right side of ‘Start’ button is given the shortcut value ‘1’. The 2nd one as ‘2’ , and so on. The 10th program button is given the value ‘0’. Now, if you have to open a program, for example – firefox, We just have to press Window button + the number assigned to the program.

Shortcut for opening a program

Lets take an example to understand it better. In case of the above image, We can launch firefox by just clicking Window button + 7.

Piece of cake, isn’t it !!!!

Secret 2 : Start a new program instance in no time

 If you have handsfull of tabs opened in your favourite browser, and you want to open another new instance of that program, here is the best and fast method to do it. For this, just keep pressing the shift key and click the program button in the taskbar/program menu. WoW….. You have now a fresh program window just beside the opened one.

 Shortcut to open new program instance by keyboard

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