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Restricted Call – How to Block Restricted Calls in Android and iPhone, Apps

Many owners of mobile phones receive Restricted Call (Unknown Calls), often to the point of abuse. There are options to keep them from contacting you in the future, whether you have an iPhone or an Android handset. In this post, we will explain what Restricted Calls (Anonymous Calls) are and how to block these calls using built in option and by using third party apps.

What is a Restricted Call

A Restricted Call is when a user is contacted by someone who doesn’t want to be tracked. On a mobile phone, these types of calls will always appear as “Restricted” as the call comes in. Usually, it’s hard to figure out the exact number of the Restricted Call, so the only option is to block the number.


Fig. 1 – Introduction to Restricted Call

When a Phone Number is Restricted, What does it Mean

It simply means, the person contacting you has requested their carrier not to reveal their caller ID. This is a feature that can be permanently activated or by dialing a code with most carriers, on a per call basis. That also suggests that the caller either has the number blocked from accessing private personal information or is still blocked whether it is a debt collection firm or an organization that needs to receive money from you or information from you.

As suggested above, you can restrict your own number by dialing a code *67 (Star 67) before your mobile number and your caller ID will be temporarily deactivated. It implies that, on the receiving end, your number will be displayed as “Unknown” or “Private Number”.

Incoming Restricted Call

Fig. 2 – Restricted Incoming Call

Built -in Call Blocking for Restricted Call

Many smartphones have built-in Call Blocking functionality, but you can find easily that they don’t capture everything. Few providers, such as Verizon and AT&T, block numbers from applications that are open only to consumers of the firm. You may use third-party software to block unnecessary calls if your cell phone company doesn’t have such a feature. In this section let’s see:

  • How to Block Restricted Calls on Android
  • How to Block Restricted Calls on iPhone

How to Block Restricted Calls on Android

  • Tap on the phone icon provided at the bottom of the home screen
  • Click on the (>) symbol next to the restricted number
  • Scroll down and select Block Number” option provided
  • Now the number is blocked.

How to Block Restricted Calls on iPhone

  • Tap on the phone icon
  • Click on the (?) symbol next to restricted number
  • Select “Block this called” to block the restricted call.

Note: The steps mentioned might not work for all the models of the mobile phones as the options are different for different phones.

Block call on Android

Fig. 3 –  Restricted Call Blocking Option on Android

Restricted Call Blocking by Service Providers

Like many other carriers, Verizon has its own app (application) to block calls on its customers cell phone. The “Call Filter” app of Verizon has variety of features for call blocking. They have the option to manually block individual numbers, warnings to let you know when it is possible that a call is spam, and a way to flag numbers as troublesome.

AT&T, Verizon’s top competitor, has its own app that blocks calls on the mobile phones of its clients. Incoming calls from those most likely to be fraudsters are intercepted and blocked by AT&T “Call Protect”. When an incoming call can be spam, you also get a warning, along with the option to block inappropriate calls quickly.

National Do Not Call Registry

You can add your cell phone number to the National Do Not Call List, if you haven’t already. Go to and enter your details. The service is complimentary. While calls on mobile phones will not be stopped by the registry but makes sure that, telemarketers can stop calling any numbers on the list.

National do not call registry

Fig. 4 – Complimentary Service by US Gov

Third Party Apps for Restricted Call Block

Restricted calls can be disabled by a few third-party applications available for iOS and Android phones. They use a registry of known spammers in general to prevent calls from getting through. Here are a couple of the latest apps:

  • Hiya Caller Id App
  • RoboKiller  App
  • Call Blocker App

‘Hiya Caller Id’ App to block Restricted Call

This is one of today’s most popular iPhone and Android block caller ID applications. You will see who just called you, and block spam and Restricted Calls with this tool. It’s very easy to use.

‘RoboKiller’ App to block Restricted Call

What distinguishes this app is that, it not only removes spam calls, but also responds with a time-wasting message that helps you to have vengeance on Robocallers. In short, it gives spammers a taste of their own medicine. You pay a fee after a free trial to continue using the service. The price is dependent on the options you select.

Third Party App

Fig. 5 – RoboKiller App

Restricted Call Blocker App

Only Android users can use this software and it has similar features as that of Hiya. The Restricted Call number can be extracted from your call log and added to your list of Block Calls.


Blocking Restricted Call saves precious time which otherwise might go waste in answering unwanted calls. It also prevents a person not to change his/her phone numbers in fear of Spammers.

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  1. I want to block a restricted caller. I have an Android device. I follow the normal procedure I use to block calls daily. There is no < indicator. No block number button.. no way to block a caller identified as "RESTRICTED NUMBER".it's easy to block other types of calls, but not Restricted callers.

  2. This article is ridiculous. There is currently no way to block a restricted caller on an Android phone. The specific number is invisible so there is no way for the phone to identify it in order to block it!

  3. I have Android.. and I find the number (or at least A number) is displayed if the caller leaves a voice msg. The voice msg line displays the number right there. I don’t remember if that is always true, or only true if the caller has it set that way.

    If the number shows, then go to the standard phone app and use drop-down menu to Settings/Blocked Numbers/Add a Number.

    I’d really like a way to block an entire area code! I’ve tried a couple ways, but no good.


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