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Numeric Keypad – How to Activate, Numpad Emulator, Fix Numpad Issues

Numeric Keypad is also referred as Numpad, 10-key Numeric Keypad, Number Pad, Numeric Keyboard. It is located on the right most part on the standard computer keyboard. This article will explain in detail what is Numeric Keypad, How to Activate it, Turn On/Off 10 Key Keypad, Numpad Emulator and Fix for 10 Key if Not Working.

What is 10-Key Numeric Keypad

10-Key Keypad is used to type the numbers which is located on the right side of personal Computer keyboard. It is available on the laptop keyboard which needs to be activated to be able to use.

Intro to Numeric Keypad

Fig. 1 – Introduction to 10-Key Keypad

You can also purchase a separate device which can be connected to your computer externally. Recently launched Zenbook Laptops have touchpad that can be used as Number Pad which is LED illuminated. When using a spreadsheet or other financial software on your laptop, a 10-key Number Pad speeds up the operations related to Data entry, accounting, financial transactions etc.

Zenbook Notebook

Fig. 2 – Zenbook Laptop’s Touchpad that Doubles as Numeric Keypad

How to Activate 10-Key Numpad on Laptop

The 10-Key Keypad or Numpad which is missing on laptops is addressed using existing keys on your keyboard. Laptops have used a combination of 10-Key Number Keypad/ Alphabetic Keyboard. To use the hidden Number pad on the Laptops, it has to be activated using keys labelled as Num Lock, Num Lk, or Num.

Once you locate this key, press Fn or Alt key in conjunction with Num Lock key to activate the Numpad. The 7, 8, and 9 keys are the top three keys on the 10 Key Numeric Keypad which also implies that the hidden Numpad on your Laptop has 7, 8, 9 keys on the top. Because of this, the right side of the alpha keyboard is used to build a shadow keypad. Of course, the trick is learning how to turn things on and off.

10-Key Keypad on Laptop

Fig. 3 – 10-Key Numeric Pad on Laptop

How to Turn On/Off 10-Key Keypad

Following the steps mentioned below, you can easily turn on/off 10-Key Keypad.

  • Open a file, where you want to use the 10-Key Numeric Keypad such as Microsoft word, excel or notepad.
  • Press the Num Lock key on your laptop’s keyboard. It might be called as Num, NumLk or Num Lock. The light confirms whether the Num Lock is On/Off.
  • Press the Num Lock button. Try Shift + Num Lock if nothing happens.
  • If the Num Lock text is written in a different colour, look for a matching-color key, such as Alt or Fn. Then in accordance with Num Lock, click the key.
  • When the Num Lock light gets on, you’re successful. The keyboard is switched to Numeric Keypad mode at that point.
  • Now when you try typing “Hello World” in Numeric Keypad, it doesn’t work. It displays something like “He336 W6r3d”. That’s because several keys on the right side of the keyboard are now enabled by their Numeric Keyboard capability. It’s perfect for entering numbers or running a spreadsheet, at sometimes it’s really challenging.
  • To deactivate Numpad, press the same key combination you used while activating the keypad.

Num Lock

Fig. 4 – Numeric Lock or Num Lock

Numpad Emulator

If you do not wish to use 10-Key Numeric Keypad on your laptop or computer keyboard, then you can download Numpad Emulator software for free. It is a virtual Numpad for Windows OS with additional features which are also customizable.

External Numeric Pad

You can purchase External Numeric Pad if you are someone who uses Numeric Keypad extensively. They are available in two types. They are:

  • Wireless Numeric Keypad
  • Wired Numeric Pad or USB Keypad

Wireless Number Pad

Fig. 5 – Image of Wireless Number Pad

Fix for 10-Key Numpad If Not Working 

If Numpad does not work for Windows (10, 8, 7) then you can follow the below mentioned steps.

  • In Windows, Look for Control Panel and click to open.
  • Click on ‘Ease of Access’ option.
  • Click on ‘Change how your keyboard works’ under ‘Ease of Access Center’.
  • ‘Turn on Mouse Keys’ option should be unchecked. Click OK.

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