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Cricket Wireless – How Do I Find Cricket Account Number, myCricket App

Cricket Wireless is a wireless telecommunications subsidiary established 21 years ago in Chicago, USA. It supplies wireless services to millions of people over America. Cricket Wireless boasts of a very efficient 5G service. This post will provide an overview of Cricket Wireless, Offers, deals and bundles, how can I find Cricket Account number, myCricket App, Why choose Cricket.

Overview of Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is a wireless service provider. Since its foundation, it has been a subsidiary company until AT&T made the last acquisition. The company started growing slowly in customer satisfaction. Today it is supplying millions of Americans.

Introduction to Cricket Wireless (1)

Fig. 1 – Introduction to Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless gives 5G services to its clients and offers the best deals that you can find on their website. They also have a fast and secure online service that includes free shipping either the same day or the next. Another positive marketing strategy is that Cricket Wireless will not charge extra when your bundle finishes, they reduce your speed until you renew your bundle. Cricket Wireless also give credit when you refer a friend.

Cricket Offers, Deals and Bundles

Cricket Wireless has a superb compilation of offers and packages. They also have great customer service and different ways to contact them. Cricket’s plans and packages do not bind customers annually, no extra charges and monthly taxes are included in the package price. The customer favorites are Cricket Core and Cricket More. These include unlimited data and video streaming. These plans also include data access and unlimited calls, texts and picture messages.

Cricket Wireless also warns customers that speeds could slow down when the network is congested. The Cricket Core plan gives four lines of unlimited data. These unlimited plans are all formed to provide the customers with the best service that they pay for.

Refer A friend Scheme

Fig. 2 – Cricket Wireless Refer-A-Friend Program

Cricket Wireless gives its clients the choice of either buying a new phone or bringing their own phone. They have a choice of 26 new mobile phones of different makes and sizes from where you can choose. Cricket gives affordable prices for smartphones. If you prefer taking your phone, you will first need to check whether your phone is compatible.

You will need to purchase a Cricket Wireless SIM card. Your device must be LTE-compatible and must be unlocked. You will then be prompted to select your phone type, either iPhone or android. Then you insert your device ID number. Then the IMEI checker will check the compatibility of your device. If you already have a plan and would like to change to another, there are a number of factors that you must keep in mind:

  • If your current plan includes multiple lines, you will need to change plans and features for every line individually.
  • Changing your rate plan might also change your Group Save discount.
  • There is a two-time limit for changing plans.
  • You will need to choose whether you will want to switch plans online or through the app.

The Cricket website is chock-full of other different packages that are guaranteed to suit your way of life. Also, you can contact Cricket Customer Service on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also via phone, chat, message or email. For any queries or information, sales experts are ready to help you out.

How Do I Find My Cricket Account Number

You can easily obtain your account number by calling or chatting with Cricket Wireless Support, or visiting a Cricket store. Alternatively, you can visit Cricketwireless My Account. You can create your account by clicking on ‘Create an Account’ option. If you have myCricket app installed, you can see your account settings and account number by clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon on the upper right corner.

Cricket Account

Fig. 3 – Cricket Wireless Login Page

myCricket App

The myCricket app is quite simple to install. You can download it both on Google Play or the Apple App Store. It is quite a versatile app which has many features. You can make payments, change your plans – here you will find a step-by-step guide as to how to proceed, view usage and your remaining balances. You can also check how much data you have used and what is left. With myCricket app, you are always up-to-date with Cricket news, notifications and deals.

You can also manage your account when you have the app installed on your device. Managing your account online will save you from having to travel to an outlet, thus saving you time and money. You can contact Customer Service through the app too. So, if you need more information or need to clarify issues you have, Customer Service is at the click of a button. You can also call customer service number: 1-800-274-2538 for phone assistance.

myCricket App

Fig 2:  myCricket App

Why You Should Choose Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless say that “we make our wireless experience easy” and with reason because:

  • You can choose the phone that appeals best to you. You have the freedom to either buy a new device from Cricket Wireless or to get your unlocked phone with a Cricket Wireless SIM card.
  • An extensive list of plans from which you can choose; plans that fit your way of life. Plans that are planned to keep you and your family connected.
  • The Customer Service team is available to answer queries and give you advice and information about your package and about deals that can suit you better.
  • Their network is all over. Cricket work with a super 5G network. You will, however, need to check the coverage in your area by entering the ZIP code on the website.
  • They also have dedicated staff that support youths with programs and initiatives.
  • You can also add international calling to your plan.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Cricket Wireless

In truth and honesty, I did not find one solid reason why you should not choose to try Cricket Wireless at least once. Having said that, I am going to list some cons which you could consider:

  • International Roaming is limited. In today’s world, travelling is a way of life. Having good coverage when you are not at home is of utmost importance.
  • When speed is slowed down due to network congestion, it affects the quality of both the audio and visual.
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