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The Spectrum-analyzer is a test equipment which shows the signal’s strength(amplitude) when it is varied with respect to a signal-frequency. It provides a graphical representation of the signal’s amplitude as a frequency’s function. This test equipment is very popular among the Radio-analysers as it is one of the “must be” test equipment to analyse a wide range of frequencies of RF/audio signals.

Frequency of the signal appears on horizontal-bar and the Signal strength (amplitude) appears on vertical-bar. This Spectrum-analyzer seems similar to the Digital-oscilloscope if observed casually, yet there are many specific and functional differences between them.

It may be utilised to check whether a wire-less transmitting device is functioning properly as per defined standards or not. It analyses each and every frequency of the O/p signals and displays all other frequencies except the desired frequency as perpendicular lines. This test equipment may also be utilised to find the bandwidth of a digital or analog signal. As a whole, we can say that Spectrum Analyzer is used for spectrum analysis.

Now, the question is “What is Spectrum-analysis” ?? Do you know ?? No problem.

We can define Spectrum-analysis as the detailed study of energy-distribution in the complete frequency’s range of an applied voltage pulse. This spectrum-analysis provides us very critical details regarding the band-width, types of signals generated and the   The study gives valuable information about bandwidth, consequences of various kinds of modulations . These critical details are further utilised for designing and post generation checks of radio-frequencies and the pulse circuits.

A view of Spectrum analyser

 On the basis of nature of frequencies being analysed, Spectrum-analysis can be classified in 02 main groups :-

  • Audio-frequency-analysis
  • Radio-frequency-analysis

Since a Radio-frequency-analysis can cover up a wide spectrum of frequency ranging from 10Mhz to 40Ghz, This frequency band analysis is of great importance as it alone covers widely used Communication/Radar/Navigational/Industrial equipments frequency-bands.

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