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Cell Phone Sniffer Tracking System – How to Find Lost Phone & Block IMEI

Cell Phone Sniffer (also known as Mobile Sniffer) effectively tracks the lost mobile using IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This post will discuss What is Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer), how to find lost phone (android) with IMEI number, how to block IMEI, its architecture, how it works, advantages and disadvantages.

What is Cell Phone Sniffer | Mobile Sniffer Tracking System

Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer) tracking system helps in the detection of lost mobile phones using IMEI number.  Cell Phone Sniffer is a Transceiver device that operates at a certain frequency operated by the service provider. This frequency range is non-identical to the frequency range of the cellphones in use. Every cell phone has a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number that is embedded on the chip which is installed on the Mobile phones.

Cell Phone Sniffer (mobile Sniffer)

Fig. 1 – Introduction to Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer)

When the cell phone is switched ‘ON’, the IMEI number gets transmitted to the Mobile Base Station and is matched against the entries in the database. If it matches with Gray/ Black listed numbers, then the service provider blocks all the services for this particular mobile.

  • Blacklisted cell phone refers to the device reported as lost or stolen.
  • Gray listed cell phone refers to a device that is allowed on a network but might get tracked using SIM information.

Mobile IMEI Number

Fig. 2 – Image of Cell Phone IMEI Number

Architecture of Cell Phone Sniffer | Mobile Sniffer Tracking System

Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer) tracking system includes the following components:

  • Sniffer Base Station
  • Unidirectional Antenna
  • Software for Tracking

Sniffer Base Station

This is a Transceiver unit and operates at a specific frequency range (in the range of VHF). The transmitter used in the Cell Phone Sniffer device is of low power.

Unidirectional Antenna

Unidirectional Antenna is used to transmit and receive data signal. It transmits power based on lobe pattern (Radiation pattern) and varies from one antenna to another. Gain and Directivity are the two major factors that is considered while designing Antenna.

Architecture of Mobile Sniffer which uses IMEI Number

Fig. 3 – Architecture of Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer) Tracking System

Software for Tracking

The software is used for tracking the lost device. It displays all the information regarding the lost mobile and tracking details. The program is usually written in C or Java programming language.

How does Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer) Tracking System Work

By default, Mobiles connect to the Base station. Radio coverage of a given geographical area is provided by Base Station. MSC (Mobile-Services Switching Centre) provides interface to several Base stations. Mobile Base Station sends and receives low power radio signals. It facilitates wireless communication between User equipment i.e. mobile phone and the network. Mobile Switching Centre handles all the signaling and switching functions.

Working of Mobile Sniffer cell phone tracking system

Fig. 4 – Working of Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer) Tracking System

When the Black listed Mobile phone tries to access a network, a request is sent to the EIR (Equipment Identifier Register) with the device’s unique IMEI code. EIR is a database of the IMEI numbers of Black/ Gray listed mobile phones. Depending on the IMEI status stored in the EIR (Blacklisted, or Gray-listed), network rejects the device when it tries to access the network. EIR sends a request to MSC to terminate the connection between the Base station and the device.

MSC feeds this information to the Sniffer Base Station. Sniffer increases the frequency and amplitude of the signal. As Sniffer operates in a different frequency range, the mobile with IMEI number establishes connection on that frequency with the Sniffer Base Station. Unidirectional Antenna in the Sniffer system helps in transmitting and receiving signals. Thus, the lost mobile can be traced based on the received signal from Antenna.

How to Find Lost Phone Android with IMEI Number Tracker

How to Find Your Phone Using IMEI cell phone tracking

Follow the below mentioned steps to find your lost phone:

  1. File a lost/stolen report (FIR) in Police Station.
  2. Try to delete your personal information remotely using app.
  3. Block your IMEI number using Government/ Police Portal.
  4. Keep a check on the tracking progress by Police.
  5. You can also download cell phone tracking system apps from Google Play Store to track your phone.

How to Block IMEI Number of Cell Phone

The user can block the phone’s IMEI by any one of the following means:

  • Through an Online Form
  • Through Telephone Service Provider Outlet
  • Through State Police

Through an Online Form

  1. File a report to Police.
  2. Get a duplicate SIM Card for the lost phone number. This is very important as you will receive OTP on this number only when you submit the request for blocking your IMEI number.
  3. Keep your documents (Police report, identity proof, mobile purchase invoice) ready as you will need to upload it.
  4. Fill up the form.
  5. You will receive a Request ID post submitting the form. Note it safely as you will need this to track the status as well as to unblock your phone.

Through Telephone Service Provider Outlet

Go to your nearest Telephone Service Provider Outlet and fill up the form to block your IMEI number.

Through State Police

Go to your nearest Police Station, report the loss/ theft and submit a written request to block your IMEI number.

Advantages of Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer) Tracking System

The advantages of Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer) Tracking System include:

  • It is easy to design and implement.
  • It is economical.
  • Efficiency is high.

Disadvantages of Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer) Tracking System

The disadvantages of Cell Phone Sniffer (Mobile Sniffer) Tracking System are:

  • Cannot detect if the device is in airplane mode.
  • Can not detect if the IMEI number is changed by flashing it.
  • Modification to the system is complex.
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