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Universal Remote -Types, How to Program GE & Blackweb Remote

Universal Remote control makes life hassle-free. It helps to control TV and other electronic components effortlessly by programming the remote using Remote Codes. This article will discuss Universal Remote, how it works, how to program GE and Blackweb Remote, its advantages as well as disadvantages.

What is Universal Remote

Today, every house is filled with electronics. It becomes tough to find the right one when needed in the pile of devices. In such a scenario, Universal Remotes come to the rescue. These devices can be operated across brands and models, thus reducing the requirement of a separate device i.e., a single Universal Remote control can turn on/off and operate any unit of electronic equipment at home using Remote Codes.


Fig. 1 – Introduction to Universal Remote

The common features that one can expect on a Universal Remote would be Power button, Channel/Volume change button, Numeric keypad, and a Setup/ Program button. Setup/ Program button helps the user to program the the Universal Remote that helps in operating different devices.

Universal Remote enables you to control everything that is connected to your TV with a single remote. The connected devices might include:

  1. The TV
  2. Setup Box
  3. Sound Bars
  4. DVD Players
  5. Light Controllers
  6. Climate Controllers
  7. Computers and more

Different Remotes

Fig. 2 – Different Universal Remotes

Types of Universal Remotes

Universal Remotes can be broadly classified into two major categories:

  • Multibrand Remotes
  • Learning Remotes

Multibrand Remotes

These remotes come pre-programmed to operate multiple devices of multiple brands. Thus, the name Multibrand. Usually, they will be operating the channels, control volume and do other basic stuff in all the devices that they can function on. These are simple remotes and are way economic when compared to the Learning Remotes. These remotes can be easily found in electronics store near you.

Learning Remotes

These are advanced remotes, that have the ability to learn on the go. They use the technology built into them, to learn the functions on various devices to which they are paired. Learning Remotes are relatively expensive when compared to the simple Multibrand remotes. These remotes are not very easily available in the market. Many times, they are made on-demand.

Learning Remote

Fig. 3 – Pairing Using Learning Remote

How does Universal Remote Work

Almost all the Universal Remotes are battery operated and they come with backup features to ensure that they have the memory stored in a backup drive during the battery change. This ensures that you don’t have to reset your remote every time you change the batteries. This feature might vary from brand to brand.

There are different ways in which the control happens in a Universal Remote. A few methods would be, with the use of:

  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Infrared (IR)
  • Local networks/Ethernet/ Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth

Radio Frequency (RF)

The remote and the devices connected to it, can operate based on the radio frequency in which each of them operates.

Infrared (IR)

If all the devices you want to control are enabled with IR then, the Universal Remote can work through IR as well. These light rays are off-course invisible to the human eye but very effectively recognized by electronic devices.

Local Networks/ Ethernet/ Wi-Fi

Today, almost every device can be controlled over Wi-Fi or Local Networks. Universal Remotes also work with Wi-Fi.


Some Universal Remotes also work on the functionality of Bluetooth. But these days, this technology is becoming obsolete.

How to Program Universal Remote

You will have to program your Universal Remote before you can start using it. Programming a universal remote should not be a very difficult task. All the instructions would be available on the instruction manual that usually comes with the remote or you can download it from the remote developer’s website.

For example, you might want to switch your TV and setup box together. This can be done using a Universal Remote. Once the Universal Remote is programmed, you are all set to go! We have listed basic steps to program two types of commonly used Universal Remotes. They are:

  • Programming GE Universal Remote
  • Programming Blackweb Universal Remote

Programming GE Universal Remote

You can follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter device into setup mode by pressing and holding down the Setup button.
  2. Select the device by pressing and releasing the device button.
  3. Key in the Remote Codes and the device should respond.

Below is the list of GE Remote Codes:

  • 3- Digit codes – 009, 015, 022, 031, 044, 052, 054, 055, 087, 092, 103, 107, 125, 164, 181, 342.
  • 4- Digit codes (CL3) – 5561, 5571, 5581, 5591, 5601, 5611, 5621, 5631, 5641, 5651, 5661, 5671, 5681, 5691, 5701, 5711, 2901, 1471, 1741, 2021, 3651, 3741, 3851,4081.
  • 4- Digit codes (CL4) – 5631, 5561, 6121, 6131, 5611, 6111, 5651, 5621, 5711.
  • 4- Digit codes (CL5) – 5631, 5611, 5561, 6471, 6511, 6121, 6131, 6111, 5651, 5621, 5711.

Programming Blackweb Universal Remote

The programming of Blackweb Remote is similar to GE Remote. The ‘Setup’ Button on GE Remote is the ‘Program’ Button on Blackweb.

  1. Enter device into setup mode by pressing and holding down the Program button.
  2. Select the device by pressing and releasing the device button.
  3. Key in the Remote Codes and the device should function.

Below is the list of Blackweb Remote Codes:

  • All-in-One Blackweb Universal Remote codes – 0009,0004,2425,0091,2426.
  • Zenith 2459, 0091, 0038, 0064, 0009, 2435, 2453, 0001, 0153, 1857, 2425, 2435, 0091, 0138, 0252, 0134, 0131, 1949, 2152, 2228, 0039, 0121, 0091.
  • WARDS 0062, 0024, 0004, 0087, 0075, 0001, 0051, 0008, 0009, 0068, 0119, 0052, 0095.
  • VIZIO 0033, 2472, 2501, 0143, 3533, 2475, 1169, 2474, 1168, 0081, 0052, 2045, 1169.
  • VIORE 1818, 2096, 0077, 3021, 1856, 1018, 3030.
  • VIEWSONIC 2116, 1179, 2460, 0072, 1144, 2369, 1014, 2504, 0046.
  • VIDTECH 0005, 0004, 0009.

You can also visit to check the code compatible with your device.

Program/Setup Button

Fig. 4 – (a) Blackweb Remote with Program Button (b) GE Remote with Setup Button

Advantages of Universal Remotes

The advantages include:

  • Can operate multiple devices with just one remote: As we discussed previously, a universal remote can easily be used to operate more than one device. For example, the universal remote can be used to operate both your TV and AC. Wouldn’t that be cool?! You can also program your universal remotes to operate your computer and your lights as well!
  • Can operate multiple devices in one go: Universal Remotes can be efficiently programmed to operate on multiple devices at one time. For example, they can be programmed to turn on both your TV and the setup box together.
  • Multiple brands can be operated using the same remote: Universal remotes can be used across brands. May it be Sony, Samsung, ViewSonic or any other brand, you can use the Universal Remote to operate it.

Disadvantages of Universal Remotes

The disadvantages include:

  • Programming initially might be tough: People usually find it a challenge to operate the universal remote initially. This is because the first time programming might be time-consuming. You will have to patiently program the remote to operate across devices.
  • Usually, these remotes are expensive, compared to the regular remotes: Given that these remotes can perform the functions of multiple remotes put together, their pricing is on the higher side when compared with a basic remote.
  • Not all the functions of all the devices can be operated: Since these Universal Remotes operate across brands, it is almost next to impossible for these remotes to perform all the functions that a brand-specific remote does.


We hope this article helped you learn about Universal Remotes, the different types available and the pros and cons of such remotes. In a world filled with gadgets, these kinds of smart devices have become a need. These Remotes are certainly handy devices that one can think about owning. They make your life easy and confusion-free for good.

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