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HP vs Lenovo: Best Brand Comparison of Laptops & Chromebooks

Are you confused in opting between the brands HP vs Lenovo? Are you hunting for a laptop for gaming? Or did you need one for your regular company job? Regardless of where you look, HP and Lenovo are two brands, you come across everywhere. This article will help you in choosing the right product (HP vs Lenovo) whether it is for gaming laptops or business laptops or Chromebooks.

HP vs Lenovo – Which Brand to Go For

Brands gain their popularity and position over time and the brand matters, when it comes to buying a laptop. So many brands exist in the market, but when you think of laptops, only a few names still hit in the minds of consumers, and this is due to the consistency and reliability that they have to offer in their goods over the years.


Fig. 1 – HP vs Lenovo Comparison

Two such brands are Lenovo and HP, both competing hard for the top place in the industry, delivering excellent products over and over again. Based on the features that matter most, here’s a detailed review of HP and Lenovo.

Better Features: HP Vs Lenovo

The different Features that you might want to look for in both the brands is listed under two categories:

  • Why HP is Better
  • Why Lenovo is Better

Why HP is Better

HP is better in terms of:

  • Design
  • Display
  • Graphics


The design of HP laptops is way better than Lenovo laptops. So, if you are looking for anything that is great to look at, they are a much better choice aesthetically.

There are, however, those who like Lenovo’s traditional no nonsense style, which is why the ThinkPad has become so popular not only in the US, but worldwide.


In terms of monitor display and resolution, HP leads the field. Their screens look great and they are crystal clear, which might make them a better alternative for those looking for a monitor screen with a high resolution.


Usually, if we look at the two brands’ graphics across their whole spectrum, then the HP laptops appear to have superior graphics. However, bear in mind that they are also expensive.

Lenovo’s laptops aim to meet business needs and are less graphically oriented.

Introduction to hp vs Lenovo

Fig. 2 – Which has Better Features : HP or Lenovo

Why Lenovo is Better

Lenovo is better in terms of:

  • Customer Support
  • Great and Steady Products

Customer Support

Nowadays, HP is known for its bad customer support, so that’s one reason you might want to avoid their products. In comparison to them, Lenovo currently has one of the best customer facilities in the computing industry, and you should be able to find a solution quickly if you have any concerns.

Great and Steady Products

Lenovo is commonly best known for its ThinkPad series, which has become one of the most dominant models in both the business sector and the education industry. For capital, they give great value. They have also released their own Lenovo Legion line of gaming notebooks, as well as their ThinkPad range, which has also been met with positive reviews.

HP Vs Lenovo – Best Brand Comparison

Based on the user requirements, we have tried to list three categories and their comparison accordingly.

  • Best Gaming Laptop: Lenovo or HP
  • Best Business Laptop:  Lenovo or HP
  • Best Chromebook: Lenovo or HP

Best Gaming Laptop: Lenovo or HP

Lenovo Gaming Laptops

If you’re looking for a laptop for games, then Lenovo is the brand for you. Lenovo brings gaming laptops to you with the Legion Series, both inexpensive and yet powerful enough to run most gaming titles such as FIFA, GTA V, Fortnite, PUBG, etc.

Lenovo gaming laptops

Fig. 3 – Lenovo Gaming Laptops

HP Gaming Laptops

If you think the Y740 Lenovo Legion was impressive, that’s because you haven’t experienced HP Omen. Even though it costs lot more, but its aspects can make your jaw drop.

HP gaming laptop

Fig. 4 – HP Gaming Laptops

Best Business Laptop: Lenovo or HP

Lenovo Business Laptops

If you’re searching a laptop for your business, and you’re considering Lenovo and HP, you can go with Lenovo. This is since, for commercial purposes, Lenovo has a wide variety of convertible laptops that are ideal. A great example is the Lenovo Flex.

Lenovo Business Laptops

Fig. 5 – Lenovo Business Laptops

HP Business Laptops

HPs’ ZBook and Lenovo Yoga stand toe- to- toe. In fact, as ZBook features a 4k resolution monitor, it outperforms Lenovo Yoga on several fronts. Combined with its portability, its strength and speed make it, the perfect workstation for the workaholics.

There are a few other laptops that are worth considering, but only fit people who have a desk job and are not always on the move for business purposes, can think of HP Pavilion.

HP Business Laptop

Fig. 6 – HP Business Laptops

Best Chromebooks Lenovo or HP

Chromebooks are ideal because they are affordable for anyone who simply needs a laptop for entertainment and light work purposes.

Lenovo Chromebooks

If you’re looking for a Chromebook convertible, Chromebooks such as the Lenovo C330 are handy versions that work to give you optimum convenience in laptop and tablet modes.

HP Chromebooks

HP Chromebooks also don’t lag far away. Since they are the perfect combination of style, strength, and cost-effectiveness, they give the best value for money and we believe so. Most HP Chromebooks, such as the newest HP 14, have a Celeron Processor or AMD processor that is much faster than the Lenovo Chromebooks MediaTek Processor.


Fig. 7 – Chromebook Comparison


Overall, it is an individual decision to determine on one of these laptops based on their requirements. For individuals hunting for a discount, brands such as Lenovo and Acer typically have the best value for money. But just because Lenovo is regarded as a cost-effective company, it doesn’t mean you can undervalue their products.

If you’re looking for a more expensive office laptop, their ThinkPad series is one of the better choices. HP will always be a great option for looks, since they normally put a lot more thought into their laptop design than Lenovo.

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