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What is Ymail – Login Features, How to Set-Up & Delete Ymail account

Ymail is a secondary Yahoo eMail account. This post will discuss in detail about what is Ymail, how to set up, login & delete Ymail account, its features, advantages and disadvantages.

What is Ymail I Full Form of YAHOO

Ymail is an optional domain for Yahoo email account. The complete form of Ymail is Yahoo (Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle) Mail.

What is YMail Account

Fig. 1 – Introduction to YMail

It is a service Yahoo is offering since 1997. It is visible as the domain name that appears when the user logs in for accessing a yahoo account. The user can choose between or as a suffix.

The domain began along with Both of them came into being for attracting new and potential users to the email service. The crucial reason behind the design of a new domain is to fulfil the users’ requirements to find an appropriate email address.

Yahoo Mail

Fig. 2 – Yahoo, Ymail Logo

With the availability of zillions of email users, various users have to add numbering sequences or create a composite email due to the email addresses being already in use by other users. Yahoo mail itself is an email service that Yahoo offers. This company provides email plans in almost 27 languages. This lingual service is available free of cost for the personal use of all users.

Stunning Features of Ymail

Some stunning and mind-bobbling features of Yahoo are the following:

  • It is free of cost version.
  • Comes with a storage capacity of up to 1TB and a limit of 25 MB on the attachments.
  • You can easily attach images or files up to 10 MB.
  • It has protection from unauthorized spams and viruses.
  • It displays some advertisements whilst you are working online.
  • Your account gets disabled automatically when the users do not sign up for the Ymail account.
  • The account holder has access to read the POP3 server messages. This service is not available for the residents of the United States of America.

Ymail Suffix

Fig. 3 – as Suffix

How to Set up Ymail Account

Setting up a Ymail account might be challenging for some new users. Hence, the following guide will surely help you in the same:

Step 1: Visit Yahoo Mail Page

You have to begin the process by opening the browser and visiting the Yahoo mail page. You can type inside the address bar of the browser window or simply click on

Step 2: Select Create New User Account

The next step is to tap on the “create new user account” button and provide all the relevant personal user details. It would be best if you kept in mind all the information which you provide is appropriate. The user has to enter his or her name, age, address, postal card, gender, birth date, etc.

Step 3: Select Your ID and Password

The next step is to type your email id and password in the recommended box. By default, Yahoo offers and suggests various existing email accounts to choose from, which you would think about selecting. If you do not like any of the suggestions by Yahoo, you can add your preferred user ID.

You can proceed further by tapping on the drop-down menu and selecting Ymail as an extension. Make sure that the ID which you choose is not similar to any other existing user ID. You can verify the same by clicking on the “check” button. You can end this process by simply entering a unique and complex password in the password box.

Step 4: Select Recover Address

This step is optional but is exceptionally crucial in the scenarios where the user forgets his login details. Here, you have to submit a substitute address. An email address comes into use when the user fails his original user ID and password.

The drop-down menu offers any two secret and personal questions and typing the answer to those personal questions by the user guarantees security of the account.

Step 5: Fill the Captcha

The second last step is to type the Captcha Code. It appears in a big box right beneath your two secret questions, which assists you in proving that you are a human and not some robot.

If there is an error in typing Captcha, you can make multiple tries to copy the code. This feature often has the option of generating an audio code for enabling a voice code.

Step 6: Click ‘Create User Account’ Tab

Tap on “create user account” button. You will see a message which displays “Congratulations on creating a new Ymail account”. This step also reveals your account’s detail. All you should do is tap on the “continue” button and enjoy your Ymail account services.

Account Set up

Fig. 4 – Set-up Ymail Account

How to Delete Ymail account:

Before deciding about whether you want to delete your Ymail account or not, you must remember that once a user ends up deleting his or her account, he can never attain access to it again. The following are some elementary steps to enable the user to delete his account:

Step 1: Open Terminating Account Page

Open the terminating account page of yahoo.

Step 2: Login to Your Account

Log in to your account by entering all your login details.

Step 3: Put Password ad Confirm

Type your password and confirm your identity.

Step 4: Confirm Deletion of Account

The next step is to delete your account by clicking on the “yes” button.

Step 5: Receive Account Termination Message

You will see that your YMail account does not exist anymore.

Advantages of Ymail

The advantages are:

  • It comes with an online storage capacity of 1 TB.
  • The Ymail consists of keyword shortcuts as well as desktop interfaces.
  • It has an integrated system of social networks, SMS text messages, instant text messaging, and email.
  • This company provides email plans in almost 27 languages. This lingual service is available free of cost for the personal use of all users.

Disadvantages of Ymail

The disadvantages include:

  • It does not provide IMAP access to the desktop email programs.
  • In this service by Yahoo, we cannot set up a smart folder.
  • It does not have flexible manual rules.
  • In this service by Yahoo, we can’t label any message.
  • The spam filter is not appropriate and precise in Ymail.

Wrapping Up

YMail is much similar to Gmail in many aspects. You can easily log in to your Ymail account by accessing a website like or You can also use numerous other login pages such as Ymail login, Yahoo login page, etc. All of them will bring the user to the same webpage, no matter what the user enters in the address bar. We hope the above article was fruitful in providing you with all the essential details regarding Ymail.

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