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DirecTV – How to Program the Remote, DirecTV App and Advantages

DirecTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider that provides viewers with a large selection of football games, movies, etc. This post will discuss in detail about what is DirecTV, how to program your remote with its satellite box, DirecTV app, its advantages and disadvantages.

What is DirecTV

DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite service provider, meaning that it uses a communications satellite which is orbiting around the earth directly to the viewer’s location. Since the communication is direct to the viewer’s TV, images are crystal clear. This increases the viewer’s pleasure to watch the preferred game or movie.

Intro to DirecTV

Fig. 1 – Introduction to DirecTV

DirecTV offers different packages. The smallest one is the Entertainment package with 145+ channels. The largest package is the Premier package and it offers 315+ channels. The packages vary in price. You can also compare their packages, the channel line-up and prices, against what the competitor service providers offer.

Their most recent package includes both DirecTV and internet. Packages are valid for one year and its website is jam-packed with information about deals, bundles and packages. When you click on ‘Check availability’ option on the website, you need to insert your address and then you will be notified if the service is available in your area. You can request a quote, online and then proceed to confirming or declining.

DirecTV Packages

Fig. 2 – Different Packages of DirecTV

How to Program your Remote with DirecTV Satellite Box

A Universal Remote can control a maximum of four devices. These are TVs, audio systems, game consoles and DVD players. At the top of your remote, you will find a ‘mode switch’. Slide this mode switch so that you choose the device that you want to control. You can pick from DirecTV, TV, AV1 and AV2. Then you will need to adjust the volume of your TV.

Once your TV is delivered, you will also have the DirecTV included in the package. The DirecTV remote turns on your TV and automatically controls the volume while you are watching your game or movie. You can use this remote to adjust the TV’s settings and to access third-party apps. You can program your Universal remote to control your TV, sound systems, Blu-Ray and DVD players.

To Program your Remote for:

  • HD DVR or HD Receiver
  • Receiver is Standard DVR or SD

How to Program Remote

Fig. 3 – How to Program Your Remote

If you have HD DVR or HD Receiver

Please follow the steps below:

  • Press MENU on your remote.
  • Select Settings & Help.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Remote Control.
  • Select Program Remote, then select the device you wish to program.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to finish programming your remote.

If Your Receiver is Standard DVR or an SD

Please follow the steps below:

  • Press MENU on your remote.
  • Choose Parental Favorites and Setup.
  • Click on System Setup.
  • Then choose Remote or Remote Control.
  • And end with Program Remote, then select the device you wish to program.
  • Follow the prompts to finish programming your remote.

If your remote is not listed, or you need additional codes, use the code lookup tool to seek out the 5-digit code for your device. Alternatively, DirecTV is available on various social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. You can chat or call them. All details are found on their very up-to-date website. It also accepts online orders and orders for businesses.

DirecTV App

DirecTV comes also as an app which you can download from Google Play. You can install it on any device, on your phone, tablet, laptop; wherever you want to enjoy all that the world of entertainment has to offer. You can watch live TV and also recorded shows, the latest movies and On Demand. You can also schedule recordings at your convenience so that you view them later. The recording does not involve any additional equipment and it comes free of charge.

With the app, you are in total control: you can pause, play or rewind your favorite shows on TV from your mobile phone. You can record your favorite movie from anywhere. This app offers you all this and so much more!

Record from DirecTV App

Fig. 4 – Record Option from App

Advantages of DirecTV

Advantages include:

  • DirecTV offers a vast range of great reasons why you should have it in your home or office. Apart from the extensive range of TV shows, movies, football games etc., DirecTV boasts of excellent customer relations and customer satisfaction. You can read about how much better DirecTV is when you compare it to cable and DISH on their website.
  • You can watch the best TV live and on-demand. With the app, your favorite movies and games are on the go with you. You can stream data, up to 5 screens at once with the AT&T wireless, free of charge. You can also download, at no cost, recordings to watch at a later stage.
  • One year of DirecTV gives you a year of HBO Max. You will have access to all HBO channels and HBO On Demand. you can find more details in the packages section on the DirecTV website.

Disadvantages of DirecTV

Disadvantages include:

  • Environmental conditions like heavy snow or rain have downsides on DirecTV service. Reception gets out of focus or disappears altogether. Even though these conditions do not often pose a problem, it may even happen that you are trapped indoors by a blizzard, and this becomes a huge inconvenience.
  • They pride themselves in being cheaper than cable, which happens to be a good alternative.
  • Even though cable can sometimes seem to be more reliable, if the cost is a point of debate, DirecTV is a great alternative.


Once again, for whatever queries or doubts you might have, we urge you to contact their customer support. Their well-trained professionals will help you, without doubt, to clarify your difficulties. Then with a clearer mind, you will be able to decide whether to go for their packages or not.

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