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A Pico projectorA Pico projector is a very small hand held projector which gets its power from battery (many of them contains power supply and battery options both). It come in different sizes ranging from the size of a small cellphone to a small chip. They can even be fitted inside a cellphone or a camera, too.

In spite of its smaller size, these projectors are very powerful and can project a larger display of upto 100 inches. They have their advantages of being hand held, easy to carry and independency from the necessity of a power source. However, you can expect less resolution and brightness in comparison to the large projectors. yet, the picture quality offered by them is adorable and cannot be neglected. No doubt, these Pico projectors are changing the trends of the projector market rapidly and are being sold in billions per year. The market of pico projectors is still grooming at a notable rate.

Growing market of Pico projector

Technology in use for the Pico projector :

Still millions of money is being invested for the R&D (Research & development) of Pico projectors. Yet, if we take a look on Pico projectors that are currently being produced, We can sort it out to three main technologies on which they work:Another view of a Pico projector

  • Digital-light-processing technology (D.L.P)
  • Liquid-crystal-on-Silicon technology (L.C.oS.)
  • laser beam steering Technology (L.B.S.)

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Types of Pico projectors :

We can categorise Pico-projectors in to four main types :

  • Stand alone Pico projector
  • USB Pico projector
  • Media player Pico projector
  • Embedded type Pico projector

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