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Project Free TV: How to Use, Alternatives to ProjectFreeTV & Advantages

Project Free TV is a site that allows users to stream or download free movies or shows online. Now more and more people are moving from wired cable tv to wireless online streaming. Accordingly it has also become essential to find a free source that streams what you want if you do not want to pay. Here, we will discuss the most popular free online streaming source i.e. Project Free TV, how to use it, alternatives to Project Free TV sites, advantages and disadvantages.

What is Project Free TV

Due to internet, it has become possible and easier for people to watch Free Movies online. As most of the people nowadays have internet connection and fast computers, it becomes feasible to stream or download Free Movies or shows online. Project Free TV is not a site that allows watching free TV shows and movies on one site but they act as search engines.

After selecting your favorite TV show or movie, it provides list of links to choose from. It is an immense database of about over 1 million movies and TV show episodes. The site also provides information about directors, performers, budgets, storyline, screenshots, critical reviews, legal streaming places and much more.

Introduction to Project Free TV

Fig. 1 – Introduction to Project Free TV

Unfortunately, it was taken down, and the sites using its logo and variations of its original domain are all fake. Project Free TV alternative is now getting to be among the top sources for getting movies and TV shows online. They are famous for providing the latest and updated movies and shows.

Nearly everyone has a computer/ mobile and an internet connection and that’s all is needed. There is no dependency on the satellite and cable operators. It helps you watch all movies and shows which you view on cable TV.


Fig. 2 –  Immense Collection of Movies and Shows

How to Use Project Free TV

First of all user needs to create account on website. Below are the steps to create account:

  1. Enter your email id and select a password to sign up on the website.
  2. Create an account by entering your first name, last name, zip, country and other details. Website needs user’s details to confirm country of user.
  3. Now log-in using your email id and password and use the search button in the right area to find the movie or show you are looking for or browse by looking at the categories.

If you already have an account, then simply Log-in using your email id and password and then you can freely download or stream full movies or TV shows by searching or browsing the categories. To download or stream a movie or show, you must click on the watch now or download button. Button can be found under the image of every single movie/ TV show.

Click the button and website will be redirected to copyright-secure server. Now click on the download button to download or the play button to stream it to your computer. For a specific TV show episode, just select the desired episode after clicking on the play button.

Information about Movie

Fig. 3 – Information about Selected Movie or Show

Alternatives to Project Free TV Sites

Project Free TV original site displays “Goodbye!” message on its screen. If you wish to access other sites, simply run ProjectFreeTV on Google search and you will find new links to watch free movies and shows. You can watch many old movies that you’re looking for on YouTube. Few alternatives are listed below.

  • Internet Archive
  • Classic Cinema Online
  • Viewster
  • SnagFilms
  • Crackle
  • Tubi TV
  • Popcornflix
  • IMDb TV
  • 123Movies

Alternatives to Project Free TV (1)

Fig. 4 – Alternatives to Project Free TV Sites

Advantages of ProjectFreeTV

The advantages of ProjectFreeTV are:

  • Less expenditure. Only internet connection required.
  • Videos available in HD quality as well as low quality.
  • Unlike Cable TV, users can watch their favorite movies and TV show anytime.
  • No need to download movies and shows. Can watch them by streaming online.

Disadvantages of ProjectFreeTV

The disadvantages of ProjectFreeTV include:

  • Several content streaming websites serve as a hub for malware and can get into your computer.
  • Hackers sometimes replicate popular websites to get user’s confidential information.
  • Some websites offer limited content.
  • Some websites overflow with advertisements and popup windows that they are barely useful.


We do not promote piracy and fully comply with the copyright clauses and advise our users to be very much vigilant while surfing Movie websites such as Project Free TV.

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