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SBC Global – How to Setup SBC Account, Email Features, Server Settings

SBC Global (Southwestern Bell Corporation) is one of the baby Bell companies created by AT&T. This post will discuss in detail about the formation of SBC Global, how to set up an SBC Global email account, its features, server settings, advantages and disadvantages.

What is SBC Global

The internet has been a game-changer for enterprises and individuals from the time of its advent in the mid-90s. This led telecommunication corporations to transform into internet service providers. One such company is Southwestern Bell Corporation Global or simply SBC Global.

SBC Global Email

Fig. 1 – Introduction to SBC Global

At the outset, when SBC global acquired AT&T, the company utilized the benefits and came to be named as SBC global AT&T mail. Later the company collaborated with Yahoo to get the convenience of their servers. Now users have the option to access SBC Global mails through Currently, from AT&T through 2 domains or

While both these domains are a part of the AT&T email genealogy, is most useful for those with AT&T subscription services such as U-verse, DirecTV, DSL, etc. is a facility for any first-time account holders.

SBC Global login

Fig. 2 – SBC Global/ AT&T Login

How was SBC Global Formed

The company got formed after an antitrust suit. SBC’s technological portfolio includes Wi-Fi, 4G mobile networks, landline telephone services, and other domains like @yahoo, @att, and in recent years @Currently. Along with these facilities, SBC provides online tools to help to create or alter your email account.

How to Setup SBC Email Account

To get maximum utility from the SBC Global email, one has to configure the proper email settings. Although the regular migration and acquisition to other service providers have caused the availability of the suffix to be non-existent, the present users will need to create an account either in AT&T or in the yahoo platform. Following are the steps involved in starting an account:

  • On the web browser type in the address bar
  • This will direct you to AT&T and yahoo page
  • Click on the navigation tab myAT&T, you will get the sign-in page to access AT&T mail and
  • If you are a new user, go to the tab – “Create one now” which is below the sign in button. This will lead you to the page to choose your email id details with the domain of your choice @currently or
  • Add the mandatory details and continue to the page asking for your contact details.
  • Finally, you will be able to view your mailbox and avail all their offerings.

SBC Global Email Features

It provides user-friendly and functional features and they are:

  • All in One Inbox
  • Organize Instantly
  • Customized Setup
  • Ample Space
  • One Platform

One Inbox

Fig. 3 – SBC Global Email Features

All in One Inbox

AT&T in partnership with Yahoo, helps to consolidate all email accounts into one account.

Organize Instantly

All your essential data such as photos, tickets, receipts, documents can be viewed in a single glimpse with the feature of all attachment viewing options. Automatic spam detection enables you to move away from unnecessary spam emails and allows you to concentrate on important emails that need your attention.

Customized Setup

Switch in between your accounts seamlessly with customizable folders, sounds, and themes.

Ample Space

Currently, AT&T offers 60 times more storage as opposed to other email providers. About 1TB space with no extra charges.

One Platform

Once you set as your homepage, you can access your email as well as get breaking headlines, finance, sports, and entertainment from trusted sources around the globe all under one roof.

Types of SBC Global Email Server Settings

In an ideal setup, there are two types of protocol to be followed when configuring your ‘att’ incoming and outgoing mail server settings. The choice of protocols used is subjective to the type of users and the device used to access the mailbox. Let’s examine these two protocols in detail :

  • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)
  • POP3 (Post Office Protocol)

SBC Global Server Settings (1)

Fig. 4 – SBC Global Server Settings

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

The significant feature of this protocol is all mails are not backed up in your computer but in cloud storage. This facility helps all the mails to be synchronized even if you use different platforms to access the mails. It utilizes minimal storage as all emails are saved on the server. Accessing emails is slower compared to POP3 as the mail folders need to be synchronized when a send/ receive session is in progress.


POP3 (Post office protocol) was developed when internet connection had no linear rate. Thus, it was possible to download emails fast with no requirement of internet connection for a long period. It is not required to have a large storage space since the mails are deleted when downloading the mail. This protocol comes with a serious disadvantage as loss of messages is possible in situations when the mailbox crashes or gets hacked, due to this, emails can get permanently lost.

Advantages of SBC Global Email

The advantages are:

  • Provides features to check email history, create new mail, save email drafts, Send and receive emails and keep a backup of mails.
  • Gives you an option to save the email addresses of contacts to connect with them with your right SBC Global mail settings.
  • It is highly essential to key in the right incoming (IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) server to reap the benefits of the right SBC settings.
  • The real advantage of having the right SBC Global setting is, there will be no issues such as SBC Global mail not working.
  • With the right email settings, it is possible to access personal mobile data usage statements, the call history, incoming and outgoing call details, create new emails, send and receive emails.
  • SBCGlobal login makes it easy for customers to keep a tab on their phone records such as call logs and other routine activities such as emails, billings, backups, TV, etc. The account is privatized and protected for the convenience of customers.

Disadvantages of SBC Global Email

The disadvantages include:

  • For a new user, getting started with the SBCGlobal email, set-up is extremely tedious without the right customer support tools or information.
  • Previous users of will find it extremely complex to login into their mails because of the migration of to Yahoo.
  • Old customers face problems such as issues with the web browser, network, server, security software.
  • The accounts of previous users of are vulnerable to getting hacked.
  • Unless the account is provided by AT&T along with their service subscription, customized service support for troubleshooting is not provided.


Many found SBC a tedious service provider to deal with. Nevertheless, their setup is quite straightforward to understand. They are known to be partial to AT&T internet customers who get the most perks from their email service. Even so, they strive to protect user data against fraudulent activities that may compromise the security and enjoyment of their services to customers. This platform has features that are particularly helpful for those who are differently-abled as well, which is why still attracts a lot of footfalls as it caters to customers from all walks of life.

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