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Windstream Router – How to Setup, Points to Consider, Pros and Cons

Windstream Router is the networking equipment used to transfer data packages from a networking computer to your device. Windstream is a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions for its consumers. This post will discuss in detail about what is Windstream Router, how to set it up, points to consider while setting up Windstream Router, its pros and cons.

What is Windstream Router

Just like any other Router, Windstream Router directs networking traffic on the internet. If you are a resident of the US you would have heard of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Windstream. Windstream currently stands as one of the best ISP’s in the country, connecting approximately 20 million people to the internet. Kinetic and Windstream are registered trademarks of Windstream Services, LLC.

Introduction to Windstream

Fig. 1 – Introduction to Windstream Router

Now, since this ISP supplies internet through a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), it makes self-installation simple and straightforward. Further on, we will be discussing how to self install a Windstream Router. The DSL service works on current phone lines, meaning that all you need to do to have internet service is to plug your Router into a phone jack. Then, once you sign-in, you can surf away to your heart’s content. Windstream’s current DSL Routers are:

  • Sagem 2705
  • Sagem 4320
  • Sagem 1704N
  • Actiontec T3200

Windstream Sagem Modem and Router

Fig. 2 – Windstream Sagem Modem and Router 

How to Set-up Windstream Router

These steps mentioned below will help you in setting up your Windstream Router.

  • First, you need to make sure that the package that you received has all the required components. In the box, you should have six things – a Windstream Wireless Router as in the picture above, a black power adapter, a grey phone cable, a yellow Ethernet cable and two DSL phone filters.
  • Next, insert one end of the grey phone cable into the socket marked ADSL on the back of the Router.
  • Then insert the other end of the phone cable in the phone filter socket that is also marked ADSL. Then connect the phone filter to the phone socket. The phone filter comes prefabricated with a connecting wire.
  • Then connect the power adapter through the power socket in your Router.
  • Plug the power cable into the electric socket near your computer.
  • The router will turn on and three small green lights will start flashing. After a couple of minutes, the flashing lights will turn on into a solid green color. The length of time this takes, depends on the speed of your connection.
  • The green light shows that your Router is now ready to be connected to the internet through a wired connection.
  • The next step involves connecting your Router to your computer.
  • Take the Ethernet cable, which is yellow and insert it in the port marked ETH 1 on the back of your router.
  • Next, plug the free end of the yellow cable into the Ethernet port on your computer or laptop. Turn on your laptop. You will be immediately directed to a Windstream website which will direct you towards finalizing the installation.

This completes the installation of your Windstream Router. If, after following these steps, you notice that something is not right; you can call 1-800-347-1991 for Windstream technical support and 1-855-349-9312 for Customer Service or visit

Ports on Windstream Router

Fig. 3 – Ports on Windstream Router

Points to Consider while Setting Up Windstream Router

  • If you cannot connect to the internet, first check your connections. Make sure that you have plugged in all wires properly. Then reboot, sometimes it can help.
  • The location of your Router needs to be in a centralized area. The Router should not have any obstructions so that Wi-Fi is available throughout your home.
  • Even if your package arrives before the activation date, you should wait for the activation date to install your Router. Service will not be available until the activation date.
  • You can change your internet details from the Windstream website. Click on ‘modem settings’  option. You can change the name of your internet and your password. If you have a Windstream Router, this process is straightforward. Do not forget to click ‘Apply’ or ‘Save’ to save your work. If you are using a preferred Router, it could get slightly complicated, and you might need to contact Customer Care service.

Windstream Support Page

Fig. 4 – Windstream Support Page

Pros and Cons of Windstream Internet and Router

Let us discuss Pros and Cons with respect to the following:

  • Windstream Prices
  • Windstream Service Areas
  • Internet Speeds and Data
  • Windstream Contract
  • Renting Windstream Router

Windstream Prices

  • Windstream prices generally compare very well with those from other competitors. However, they vary depending on where you live. It is best to check out Windstream plans and prices before installation. In this way, you can get a better idea of what you will have to pay.
  • Another thing to be careful is the fine print in your contract. Just like with other ISPs, Windstream prices increase after 12 months.
  • Another point in favor, Windstream prices and internet speeds rank very well when compared to other ISPs.

Windstream Service Areas

Windstream internet reaches rural areas. Windstream arrives where other ISP’s do not. If you would like to consider Windstream as your service provider, it is good to view the service areas to understand where Windstream operates.

Internet Speeds and Data

Windstream offers a variety of internet speeds. You can find the different speeds listed in the plans. Windstream charges for internet speeds accordingly. It has a download speed of 25–1000 Mbps. Its unlimited data is an absolute treasure.

Windstream Contract

Windstream does not bind its customers with a contract. This means that if you would like to terminate the service before 12 months, you can do so freely because Windstream does not charge an early termination fee. Windstream prices are valid for 12 months. On the 13th month, you will need to recheck your price with your ISP.

Renting Windstream Router

Windstream charges a monthly fee for rental of equipment. It is smart to calculate whether it would suit you better to buy your own instead of renting. You could compare rental prices to purchasing equipment from Windstream or to buying equipment which is compatible with Windstream.

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