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Facetime – Working, Features, How to use Android With Facetime

Today we have separate app for every functionality such as news, health, finance, fun, etc. Above all these the basic feature of a phone is still calling. Within the calling also, due to advanced technology, we can make video calls and can see our loved ones without bothering about the distance. FaceTime is a unique video calling, reliable app available in Apple stores especially to make video calls, chat, messaging, etc, in a simple and better way. This article will discuss Facetime, its various features, compatibility, how to use it on Windows, alternatives for android with facetime and how to start a group call.

Android with Facetime
Facetime with Android

What is FaceTime?

FaceTime is a calling app available in the Apple store platform which allows its users to make audio and video calls between two Apple gadgets and from Apple to Android gadgets as well.

What is Facetime
What is Facetime

All the users of Apple iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, etc can avail the mark video audio calling option. Even though Android users may not create a dedicated video call using facetime, they are allowed to join the call.

Features of Facetime App

Facetime has become a well-known app for Apple users with its attractive and convenient features. Some of them are listed below.

Watch Movies and TV

One of tje interesting feature of facetime app is we can watch any movie or TV show on the FaceTime app without disconnecting the group call. Even the group called participants can also watch the movie and control the remote.

Watch Movies and TV
Watching Movies

It automatically adjusts the volume of both call and TV show as well without disconnecting anything. FaceTime is the only app that allows its users to watch content and can work on various things in parallel.

Listening Music

The soothing feature of the facetime app is providing various music tracks to listen while working in parallel. It can adjust the volume itself and can provide an option to create a desired q list.

Listening Music
Listening Music

All the participants in the call can listen and enjoy the music. It also shows the coming-up music track which is going to be played next for all the participants in a group call. It also allows us to share these audio files on the home pod.

Share Screen

Earlier the screen sharing feature was only restricted to MacBooks. Later it became an add-on feature for iPads and iPhones also. Especially for the working people it is very flexible to be in a call and can share the screen to make them understand what the point is and what they need to alter or something else.

Share Screen
Share Screen in Facetime

Also for personal use, we can share the photo album while we are on vacation or in a group called, etc to display the photos one after one by sharing the screen.

Share Play

It is the most advanced feature which was recently added to the FaceTime app, especially for iOS 15.1 versions and above. This feature allows users to watch movies, listen to music, making audio and video group calls. It also helps to share the screen. This is a very popular feature for the FaceTime app when compared to the earlier versions.

Share Play
Share Play in Facetime

Working Requirements of Facetime App

The FaceTime app can easily work with the support of Wi-Fi. Similar to other apps, it can also allow its users to make free internet-based calls without charging a single penny. Even when Wi-Fi is not available, it can consume the data from regular mobile network providers and can continue operating.

We can carry these gadgets wherever we want and can use either Wi-Fi or cellular data or hotspot to get access with the audio and video calls.


The FaceTime app is compatible on all iPhones, pads, MacBooks, etc. As the version were upgraded, the features of the FaceTime app also increased. The basic iOS requirement is 7th version and all above versions support the facetime app.

Compatibility of Facetime
Compatibility of Facetime App

How to Use Facetime for Windows?

We can use the FaceTime app on windows for making audio or video calls if an Apple device is owned by us. If we have the Android version gadgets, then we need to join the facetime call.

Let’s see the steps required to use FaceTime for windows.

  • First, we need to make sure that the iPad and iPhone versions should have the latest operating system. Because the earlier versions may not support this FaceTime app.
  • Now open the FaceTime app from the Apple gadget whether it is iPhone or iPad.
  • When the app is opened, check for the option “create a link“. Click on it once to get a link.
  • Again a pop-up will come and will ask you to create a name for the link. We can give any kind of name at our convenience to continue the meeting and share with others.
  • Similarly, follow all the instructions and provide information like the time zone, etc. other columns to create a meeting link. The process is just the same as we do in Google meet, Microsoft teams, etc.
  • Once all the information have been provided, the app automatically creates a link and asks us to share with the contacts by messaging or mailing or simply copy-paste.
  • We need to choose the best fitting option for sharing the created FaceTime link and share it with the known contacts to start the session.

    Using Facetime on Windows
    Using FaceTime on Windows

How to Use Android with Facetime?

Android is a popular mobile operating system that offers many features and functionalities to its users. However, one of the most sought-after features by Android users is Facetime, the video calling app that is exclusive to Apple’s iOS devices.

Although various Facetime alternatives have been created on Android, none of them have been able to match Facetime’s simplicity and quality. Nevertheless, Android users can still get Facetime-like functionality on their devices through some workarounds.

With that in mind, here are some ways Android users can enjoy Facetime-like functionality:

Google Duo

Google Duo
Google Duo

Google Duo is a video calling app available on both Android and iOS devices. It offers high-quality video calling, and it’s straightforward to use. Google Duo is an excellent alternative to Facetime, and it comes pre-installed on most Android devices.



Skype is another popular video calling app available on both Android and iOS devices. Although Skype is not as user-friendly as Facetime or Google Duo, it provides various features that make it an excellent option for video calling.



WhatsApp is a messaging app that also offers video calling functionality. It is available on both Android and iOS devices, and it’s popular worldwide. While WhatsApp video calling may not be as high-quality as Facetime or Google Duo, it’s an excellent alternative for Android users.



Zoom is a video conferencing app that has gained popularity in recent years. It is available on both Android and iOS devices, and it provides high-quality video calling and screen sharing functionality. Although Zoom is not primarily designed for one-on-one video calling, it’s an excellent alternative for Android users who need to participate in group video calls.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a messaging app that offers video calling functionality. It is available on both Android and iOS devices and is very popular worldwide. Although Facebook Messenger video calling may not be as high-quality as Facetime or Google Duo, it’s still an excellent alternative for Android users.

Although Facetime is unavailable on Android devices, Android users can still enjoy video calling functionality. There are great alternatives that offer high-quality video calling and a wide range of features.

How to Start a Group Facetime Call?

It is easy to make group FaceTime calls. The FaceTime app can allow 32 members at once to join a video call or audio call or even a chat. Just like other meeting apps, FaceTime also presents all the DPS of participants in a child view. These tiles size mid-valley based on the increase or decrease in the number of participants.

Also, we have an option to double-tap the icon of the speaker and can message through the chat box without interrupting the meeting. Until the meeting is in progress, any new numbers can join and the existing members can leave.

Group Video call on iPAD
Facetime Group video call on iPad

Let’s see how to start a group Facetime call as given below,

  • In the app, on the top of the screen, we need to click on the new facetime.
  • Then it will show an entry field to enter the names or phone numbers of the contacts needed to add. So fill it in accordingly.
  • Another way to add participants is just by clicking on the plus(+) symbol and adding the participants.
  • Now tap the video call button for making a group video call.
  • Similarly, we can tap the video call icon to make a group audio call.


Hence, the facetime app is a reliable video calling application provided in the apple store. It is available in MacBooks, iPods, iPhones, and other iOS gadgets to make audio and video calls uninterruptedly. It allows to chat, message, watch movies, listening music, share screens, etc. in parallel to running video calls. Participants can also allow joining the group for Android users with Facetime.

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