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How to Create YouTube Icon, How to Upload or Delete Video on YouTube

YouTube which is owned by Google is the most popular platform for sharing videos. This post will discuss in detail about how to create a Youtube icon and how to upload, delete, or reload videos on YouTube in an easy way.

What is YouTube

YouTube is a platform where users can upload their videos, share, watch, like, comment, and subscribe. It is free to use, and there is no limit to uploading videos.

Intro to YT

Fig. 1 – Introduction to YouTube

You can access it from a browser or mobile application on the phone. The option is available to make videos public or private, description box to enter the contents, and tagging for each video.

Webpage Snapshot

Fig. 2 – Webpage Snapshot

How to Create YouTube Icon

YT Icon is a simple visual representation of your channel. There will be a default channel icon (Blue Box) on the left side of the page. Step by step process to create a Youtube Icon are:

  • Login to your account.
  • Mention the theme of the videos. This helps in generating suitable Youtube icons.
  • Choose the Youtube Icon, and you can also edit it.
  • Finally, save the Youtube Icon.

How to View Someone’s YouTube Icon

For everyone’s YT channel, there will be a specific Youtube channel icon. When you create your YouTube account in that process, you can add an icon image to your channel. Just browse his/her channel to find their Youtube icon. Steps to follow are:

  • Open the YouTube page on the browser.
  • Type the name of the YT account on the search box. It will show a list of the matching videos as per the description on the search box.
  • Select the name from the list of search results. It will navigate to the user’s channel.
  • Go to the “profile section” of YouTube. You can view the Youtube icon next to the username in the profile section.

How to Upload Video on YouTube Channel

Easy steps to upload videos are:

  • Browse the YouTube website in the browser.
  • Log in with your credentials. On the upper right corner of the page, you can see your account avatar. Enter the Google account.
  • At the top of the screen, you can find a video camera-like icon. Click on it to create your video. You can see the drop-down menu button and select ‘upload video.’
  • In the video upload page, select ‘files to upload’ option and click ‘Public’ that helps to choose the level of visibility like public, private, or scheduled.
  • Drag the video file onto the current page or click the big arrow to select the video file.
  • You can fill in the details like the name, content of the video while the video uploads.

How to Upload Video

Fig. 3 – How to Upload Video on YT

How to Delete YouTube Videos Uploaded on your Channel

You can quickly delete the uploaded videos anytime from your YT channel. But you cannot replace it because every upload contains a different URL. You have the right to edit the video. Below is the step-by-step procedure to delete the video on the Desktop:

  • Sign into your account.
  • Click on your profile icon > Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos
  • Select the video to be deleted and click on ‘Actions’ and delete it.
  • You can delete a single video by clicking on Edit option > Delete as shown below.
  • Check acknowledgment from the box that your video will be permanently deleted from your list.
  • Once you click delete option, the video will no longer be visible or searchable.

Delete YouTube Video

Fig. 4 – How to Delete Video on YT

How to Delete Uploaded Video on YT from my Phone

Step by step procedure to delete the uploaded video on Android are:

  • Sign into your YT account from the phone.
  • Click on library and select “My Videos”.
  • Select the video and then click the delete option.

Delete Video from Phone

Fig. 5 – How to Delete Video on Android

How to Reupload Video on YT that Replaces an already Existing One

 The user must register for the free account before uploading the videos. YT doesn’t support uploading an edited or fixed video on the existing upload video and has no options to move the current likes, comments, and favorites. This is because every upload holds a different URL path. Thankfully, there are other options like replacement and link to your old video, also called enhancement tool for minor changes to the existing video. Steps to upload a replacement to the existing video are:

  1. Use the annotations option to redirect your viewers from the old video to the newly uploaded video
  2. Upload a new copy video.
  3. Upload the video, same as the original one, click the upload option, and drag your file onto the YouTube page. Once uploading is over, copy the address.
  4. Open the old video and click on the annotation icon that looks like a messaging image.
  5. On the annotations, the screen starts to play the video and pause it. You can find an annotation on the right side of the window and select the note option.
  6. Now you can link to a new video by Writing a note and redirecting viewers to click the link to see the latest video. On the same page, click the link option and paste the full address of your new video in the box.
  7. You can extend the timeline of annotations by dragging it to the right edge of the annotation. This will give time for the viewers to read and click. Finally, click ‘Apply Change’ to finish.

Annotations in YouTube

Fig. 6 – Annotations in YouTube

How to Block YT on Chrome

Some people wish to block YT on Google Chrome to avoid distractions from work. There are some easy steps to follow to block and they are:

  • Go to Google Chrome.
  • Browse the YT site by using the website link,
  • You can see the lock-shaped icon on the left side of the URL and click on the lock icon.
  • You will get the drop-down menu after clicking the lock icon. Select the site settings.
  • In the site setting, search for “your device use.”
  • On the right side of “your device use,” you can see the “ask default” option. Click on it.
  • From the drop-down option, select “block.” This will block access to the site from Google chrome.

How to Edit Someone else’s YT Video

 To edit someone else’s video is possible only by using a third-party tool. There are many third-party tools or softwares available in the market. This tool helps to download someone’s YT video onto your computer and for editing. You need the permission of the original video owner if you want to upload the edited video on the channel.

How to Delete YT Search History

YT has provided a “Search history” option to make it easy to find the recently watched videos. You have an option to delete or pause your history on YT.

  1. Login to YT.
  2. Select the menu icon from the left corner of the page
  3. Click on “History” from the menu list.
  4. Click on the “Search History” button from the drop list.
  5. In the new page, select “Clear Search History” to delete your search history from the list.

Delete Youtube Search History

Fig. 7 – Deleting Search History

How can you Find Someone on YT

The process is very simple and easy to find someone on YouTube by using information about the person or the video you want to view.

  • Log on to the YouTube site.
  • At the top of the YouTube screen, there is a “Search” box to search a person by their username. Click on a person to visit their profile to watch videos or comment, or like.
  • You can also search for a person by using their email address. This will directly give access to the videos or contents of that person. On clicking the videos, you can see the user’s profile.
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