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Samsung Series 8 vs 7 – Which to Choose, Features, Pros & Cons

Samsung Series 7 Vs Series 8 smart TVs are available in the latest technology. Knowing the features and differences between the two series will benefit you as one must think a lot to select a suitable smart TV. This post will discuss in detail about Samsung Series 8 vs 7, which series to choose, their features, Pros and cons of Samsung Series 8 and 7.

Samsung Series 8 Vs Series 7 – Which One to Choose

As technology in smart TVs are continuously changing and keep improving, most of the brands available in the market try hard on the competition. Currently Samsung is one of the best brands in the market, which is committed in bringing the best products to satisfy their consumers. Samsung is one of the leaders at the moment, as it provides smart TV’s with huge variety of sizes and specifications.

Both smart TV’s are available in the latest technology that brings great experience of watching them. Samsung Series 7 and Series 8 models are on the high end of Samsung’s HDTV line-up. These models have the best features and the differences on these models are much less compared to the lower end series. The most remarkable difference between Series 7 and Series 8 models is in the contrast level and the degree of separation between the black and white colors that it can reproduce.

Samsung Series 7 Vs Series 8

Fig. 1 – Introduction to Samsung Series 7 Vs Series 8

Series 7 TV’s have a dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 which is already higher compared to other models that have low contrast ratio of less than a million to one. Series 8 models have much higher dynamic contrast ratio of 7,000,000:1. You would surely notice the difference when you set the two displays side by side. Especially in dark scenes, Series 8 models have much better image than Series 7 models.

The very high contrast ratio in the Series 8 models is achieved by controlling the LED’s that light up the display. On lower model displays, some light still seeps through when showing the color black which results in a greyish color that is not representative of the true picture.

Local Dimming in Samsung Series 8

Fig. 2 – Local Dimming in Samsung Series 8

Auto Motion Plus is present in both Series 7 and Series 8 models. Due to this technology; models are capable of changing the picture on screen much faster than traditional displays. Auto Motion Plus generates an intermediate picture that is obtained from the two frames where it would be inserted rather than repeating the frames. This creates high motion of fluid that is faster than our eyes can recognize.

Series 8 models have much high refresh rate than Series 7 models. That means Series 8 models interpolates twice the number of frames that Series 7 models do. As per Samsung, Series 8 model TV play high speed video much better than the Series 7 model TV, as this happens at a speed that is much faster for the human eye.

More About Samsung Series 7

The Samsung Series 7 TV has good quality of picture with a good native contrast ratio but lacks some advanced features such as local dimming to improve the dark room performance. It has very low input lag which is superb for gamers but the response time is only decent so some blur is visible behind fast-moving objects. It supports virtual assistants to control your TV set through voice commands.

When viewed from different angles, the image also loses its accuracy, so the best image is reserved for those directly in front of the TV. The Series 7 TV also has good reflection handling and decent peak brightness, so it performs well in average-lit rooms. The image loses its accuracy when looked from the side as the viewing angles are quite poor.


  • Excellent low input lag.
  • Good uniformity.


  • Limited HDR capabilities.
  • When viewed at an angle, picture quality reduces.

Reflection Handling in Samsung Series

Fig. 3 – Reflection Handling in Samsung Series

More About Samsung Series 8

The Samsung Series 8 TV is a good value for money. To watch any content on Series 8 is a delight as it is much brighter and clearer than Series 7 TV. It has good reflection handling. As it claims to remove 24p judder from all sources, Motion appears smoother. Response time is faster than Series 7 which implies that Motion blur is minimal.

It also has some advanced gaming features, like automatic low latency mode and variable refresh rate. It also has some advanced gaming features, like automatic low latency mode and variable refresh rate. You can use your favourite voice assistant to control your TV. It supports Smart TV apps like Netflix, BT Sport, Prime and More. Display panels are either Curved or Flat type depending on the Model.


  • Sharp, detailed 4K picture.
  • Good upscaling.
  • Superb smart TV platform.
  • Solid motion handling.


  • Limited connectivity.
  • Lacks brightness for the best HDR.
  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • Expensive.

Upscaling in Samsung Series

Fig. 4 – Upscaling in Samsung TV


  • Series 8 models have much better contrast when compared to Series 7 models.
  • Series 8 models have LED’s with local dimming while the Series 7 does not.
  • Series 8 models have better Auto Motion Plus than Series 7 models.
  • Series 8 prices are much more than series 7 units.
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