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Social Media Influence Marketing -Type of Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influence in today’s world is at its peak. Imagining a day without social media is impossible. It has occupied the entire world and now a person’s individual life as well. The development of social media started when there was the invention of mobile phones. Before that, communication was through letters or telephones only Because of this communication via letters and telephones, it was almost that a person had lost contact with his friends, relatives etc. But now, a person can connect with anyone from anywhere via the internet.

Social Media

Social networks are widely popular for the purpose of communication. However, there are some thoughts that these social networks can harm personal communication. But these types of communications are very convenient as a person can contact anyone from anywhere and at any time.

What is Social Media Influence – Impact on Society

Social Media Impact

Social media continues to grow more powerful at rapid speed in the form of communication and social media platforms are growing high every day as their memberships are getting increased day by day. Because of this, the impact of social media on society is as follows

  • Spreading educational essentials more quickly and efficiently.
  • They provide new marketing opportunities for companies.
  • Companies can create a new channel, and recruit and onboard new employees.
  • Group contacts and individual contacts can be increased.
  • Associating with social media, an individual can get a new job from consultancies.
  • An individual can create a platform for group discussion and opinion sharing.
  • Another major impact is that an individual can have clear visibility of what is happening in his/her surrounding like- social, political and environmental issues or views.

Who is Social Media Influencer?

Social Media Influencer

A user who has established his contact or reliability in a certain industry or a business type where there is a huge audience. An influencer is one who has enough large following and one should spark a conversation, inspire and change in attitude. Organizations can recruit social media influencers in order to expand their business via social reach, become more relatable and sponsor any products or services.

Types of Social Media Influencers:

  1. Celebrity Influencers

    They are the most popular and well-known influencers as they have made their following via their celebrity status. However, there are few celebrities who are attracted to specific statistics and target audiences, companies who are willing to reach out to consumers, they can hire celebrity influencer to endorse their products to their fans.

  2. Consumer Influencers 

    They are people who have obtained a following due to their personality and relatability. These influencers are basically proactive on social media by posting texts, blogging or by sharing photos. In the consumer influencers, the target audience considers them as real, and relatable and considers their words or advice seriously.

  3. Micro-Influencers

    They are also known as expert influencers; they have obtained a following and trustworthiness because of their knowledge in a particular area or field. It is when the audience will trust their opinion when they recommend any product.

  4. Content Creators 

    The role of content creators is to develop new contents where the readers are interested in keeping with the regularity. The company’s marketing strategy is to send the products to a content creator with the hope that they would review the products and speak affirmatively about them to their followers.

Qualities of an Influencer – Points to Consider while Choosing an Influencer:

  • The influencer’s personal message suits well with the company and the same are relevant to the targeted audience.
  • To analyse the engagement with his following and how trustworthy their following accepts them.
  • To find the count of influencer’s followers count which helps in return on investment (ROI).

Why do We Need Social Media?

Social Media-1

Social media is the best way to connect people around the world and it has the capacity to provide real-time updates and information hence it has become the main source of news for many of them. Why do people share information of social media, here is the answer –

  • Users share information on social media to support a cause. When such posts are shared on media, many of their followers re-share the post in order to create awareness about a particular issue or cause.
  • Users on social media share valuable information on various topics and help people to understand better on the same. For example, information on the COVID-19 post shared by WHO makes them aware of the virus.
  • It influences the relationships of a user with many other people. People use social media platforms in order to expand their contacts and stay connected with others. It also helps in acquiring news and other information.
  • Users use social media to create an online presence, interact with others and in order to influence them in one or the other way.

Impact of Social Media on Politics

Social Media on Politics

With the help of social media platforms, political parties reach out to people to conduct any announcements, press meets, twitters on issues/concerns etc. People may not have facilities or poor electricity supplies, however, they tend to invest in the phone which is comparatively less expensive than television, yet they serve the purpose of bringing information.

Multiple polls had organized for various parties in order to analyse their performance. When compared to other sources, social media has a great influence on political campaigns. This is a great platform for the youth to open up and put their political opinions forward. However, these posts on social media platform gives more influence on people.

The positive comments on political news may influence people to consider any political party for future elections, While, a negative comment on any political party hits the social media platform, it becomes a hashtag trend.

Social Media Influence on Work culture, Training and Development

Work culture, Training and Development

It’s a fact from the research that 19% of the managers of an organisation hire their candidates on the basis of information found on social media. They ensure to choose the right candidate for their organisation. Doing such background checks of the candidates would help to know more about their personal information, habits, etc.

Apart from social networking sites, professional sites like Linkedin also plays an important role in hiring a candidate. Linkedin not only helps people to share their opinions about their profession, work culture, and corporate industries but also helps to develop and market themselves as a brand.

Social media platforms influence training and development too on a greater extent. Many experts use social media for teaching. They take live video classes. On the other hand, for learners also, social media has influenced them to learn more. All that they need is a constant internet connection. Many distance learners prefer social media platforms for their education. They influence the learners to educate themselves.

Social Media Influence on Customer Behaviour

Customer Behaviour

To advertise any products and services, social media is the best platform. By advertising, a company can target potential customers. Social media influences customers and their behaviour. Whenever a customer has a query, he will reach out to the inbox of the social media platform which is run by a company as they see it as a fast and easiest way to get a reply to their query. The frequency of answering customers’ queries can encourage and influence other customers to reach out to a company. Social media polls about a company and its products also influence customer behaviour. If they notice a higher rating, they can easily trust it.

Challenges of Social Media:

Challenges of Social Media

Unlike the two sides of the coin, social media has uncountable advantages and also it does have some challenges. Since its evolution, social media has been blamed for its ills that have been around. Below are two main challenges –

  • Cyberbullying
  • Lack of Privacy


Social media is a great way to reach people, interact, influence, learn and earn from them. They also influence people in business, work culture, society and politics etc. Social media brings up societal issues and increases awareness on the other hand they also have some cons too. Ultimately, people can decide how social media influences them in doing things. It is very important for people to understand what is wrong and what encourages them in doing right.

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