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How to Show Synonym in Mac/ Windows Word | Enable Showing Synonym

Showing synonym in Word on mac and windows can sometimes be tricky. It is a frequently used tool if you are a student, writer or author. This article will discuss in detail, how to Show Synonym option in Microsoft Word for windows and on mac and ways to enable showing synonym option in Word.

How to Show Synonym Option in MS Word for Windows

Synonyms are the words which have same meaning and it is very useful in substituting a word which might be repetitive throughout your writing.

Intro to Synonym on Mac and Windows

Fig. 1 – Introduction to Show Synonym in Word on Mac and Windows

Follow the steps mentioned below to enable Synonym of a word in MS Word:

  1. Suppose if you want to know the Synonym of “Author”, then we can type word “Author” and highlight this word. Similarly, you can choose any word in the document and highlight.
  2. Right click on the highlighted word.
  3. Drop down menu comes up with several options.
  4. Click on Synonyms.
  5. You will get many words that are Synonyms of ‘Author’.

Synonym in Word

Fig. 2 – Synonym in MS Word

What is Thesaurus Tool in Word

Thesaurus Tool in Microsoft Word helps to show Synonym for the highlighted word. Thesaurus Task Pane can be located from the Synonym options menu. When you right click on the highlighted word, you will find ‘Synonyms’ option in the short cut menu. Once you scroll down on Synonyms, you will find ‘Thesaurus’ as shown in the Fig. 3.


Fig. 3 – Thesaurus in Word

How to get Synonyms on Mac

Finding Synonym using Word on Mac is similar to Word on Windows OS. To make it easier for you, we have listed down the steps to follow to find Synonym of word on Mac.

Synonym on mac

Fig. 4 – Synonym on Mac

  1. Firstly, open the Microsoft Word application from the Applications Folder.
  2. Type the word you want to get synonym for or choose a word from the written document.
  3. Highlight the typed word or the chosen word.
  4. Click on the Tools icon.
  5. Drop down menu comes up on the screen.
  6. Click on “Thesaurus” option.
  7. Meaning of the highlighted word and its synonym will be displayed.

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